Joy SMS: Daniel Dadzie out, Kojo Yankson in?

The host of the Joy Super Morning Show, Daniel Dadzie, will leave the microphone in the studios of Joy FM for the cameras of Joy Prime from May 1, 2020.

His replacement sources inside Multimedia told is likely to be Kojo Yankson,who interestingly was taken off the show two years ago.

The new SMS face is expected to take over the show on Monday, May 4.

Daniel, who anchored the show since 2018, leaves Multimedia’s flagship morning shows to become the face of Joy Prime, a television channel under the Multimedia Group.

Earlier this year, Joy Prime started its Morning show, hosted by Jay Folley and Emefa Adeti, a former Ghana’s Most Beautiful queen.

Daniel Dadzie’s presence at Joy Prime is aimed at giving the primarily entertainment station a new depth and pave way for a new agenda, reports

Yankson was the host of the morning show until his commentary on the gas explosion incident at Atomic Junction in Accra became a social media meme. Yankson had claimed that the source of the fire for the gas explosion was a khebab, popularly known as ‘chichinga’.

But media analysts also claim it was because the Joy SMS’ numbers had fallen with stiff competition from its rival, Citi FM, anchored by respected broadcaster, Bernard Avle.

Joy SMS was among other things forced to follow the Citi style of empanelling co-hosts as well as spicing the show with humour. gathers that Animwaa Anim-Addo and Winston Amoah will continue to play their role as co-hosts while Sammy Odame and Papayaw Asare give support as producers with the help of Esinam Osei, of The Multimedia’s Thought Leadership team.

Daniel Dadzie

Daniel Dadzie cut his broadcasting teeth at Skyy Power FM as a reporter, and went through the mill to become the Deputy News Editor in less than two years. He also took on additional responsibility as a political discussion show on radio and TV during weekdays and also anchored major news bulletins.

Daniel Dadzie takes up new role at Joy Prime -

His versatility attracted the attention in Accra. In 2017, Daniel Dadzie joined the Multimedia Group as Senior Multimedia Journalist and has hosted various programmes on radio and TV.

By February, when Kojo Yankson was reassigned to other programmes in Multimedia, he stepped into his shoes.

Perhaps, 2018 will go down as Daniel’s favourite year on radio as he won the Radio and Television Personality ( RTP) Award for Radio Morning Show Host of the Year and Joy SMS  also picked the award for the Radio Morning Show of the Year.




  1. Anonymous says

    Daniel has a good voice for radio. Kojo will do a good job I can bet on that

  2. Anonymous says

    Daniel is far better on radio than the later.

  3. Kwobuk Christopher says

    I like both of them.

  4. Anonymous says

    I will miss him on the morning show

    1. Anonymous says

      Daniel, you are good and will miss you badly but I wish you well. You gave respect to all your callers. Go high brother.

  5. Prof D says

    Joy FM should run SMS like Network Africa(Newsday) on BBC with different team leaders.Ghanaians will get use to it.

    1. Anonymous says

      I agree perfectly.

      1. Anonymous says

        Kojo has extraordinary skills with impeccable English

  6. Anonymous says

    Daniel, you’ve been super. Stay up and shine

    1. Zak Gatoni says

      The wisdom of management is in the interest of the joy family we welcome both to their respective roles assigned them. Bless you all.

  7. Simon Aikins says

    This musical chairs must stop. They need to get a resolute host to give Citi FM a run for their money if that’s their aim. I wish Daniel Dadzie all the best.

  8. Anonymous says

    It’s election year again and Kojo is in to do what he did in 2016..

    1. Selorm says

      What did he do in 2016?

      1. Okuninin Qwasi Gyan says

        Happy to hear Kojo is coming back.Am sure Kojo will be up to the task and will give Citi some good run for their money.Well done Daniel….keep soaring

    2. Anonymous says

      Well done Daniel but undeniably Kojo is the best.

  9. Anonymous says

    Good to hear Kojo Yankson back full time on the radio, but Daniel has done a great job.

  10. Evans Fantastic says

    I love Kojo

    1. Anonymous says

      Kojo is the best in the country. Of late i can skip the morning show but with Kojo on the seat i dare not even to contemplate skipping.

  11. Fiifi says

    Kojo brings maturity and experience.
    They are both good but I think Kojo brings extra more.

    1. Anonymous says


  12. Yao says

    I’ve listened to them both and they’re both good but different individuals. Kojo brings depth and maturity whilst Daniel is humorous but a diamond in the rough , still being polished..

  13. Yuska says

    My only problem with is… that mostly exaggerates…!+!!

  14. Anonymous says

    Daniel is good for the job I don’t why multimedia is gambling over this. The loser is Joy FM

  15. Anonymous says

    Kojo talks too much. With too much pride very often. I love Daniel. I will muss his kayatic sessions with George Addo Jr

  16. Anonymous says

    Kojo talks too much. With too much pride very often. I love Daniel. I will miss his kayatic sessions with George Addo Jr

  17. Anonymous says

    Daniel has a good voice and flare for the SMS than Kojo. Kojo talks too much and I think handing him the SMS in this election won’t do any good to their numbers

    1. Ofori Ntim says

      Are you sure? In terms of listenership, KOJO is superior

  18. Ofori Ntim says

    Kojo’s coherence supasses Daniel’s word for word delivery. Kojo’s voice is good for presentation, humour and witty just like Nii Annan Thompson. Good decision.

  19. Anonymous says

    Multimedia never make the mistake of changing kojo again some of us were forced to change our dial to Citi fm. Now that our darling boy is back we’re also back.

  20. Anonymous says

    “Consistency the key to success ” Joy Fm our Kojo Yankson is back let him stay till he moves to CNN or BBC.

  21. Anonymous says

    Our English man kojo is back hurrah

  22. Anonymous says

    Multimedia we salute for bringing our kojo back.

    1. Michael Edusei says

      I have lived with Joy Super Morning Show since our ground master (Komina Donor) till now Joy FM has been on point in there selecting so both of them do your almost where ever you find yourself, Daniel & Kojo congrats

  23. Anonymous says

    Kojo needs the collective support of the team to make greater strides.
    Over to you Evils Kwashie.

  24. Anonymous says

    Kojo is the best

  25. Anonymous says

    Daniel is good, humble and respectful, I’ll miss him. Please tell Kojo not to talk too much like before.

    1. Algorithm says says

      Both Daniel and Kojo are good,but I think Kojo is more matured and more experienced. He also has a nice voice on radio and able to ask tough questions when interviewing. He should be made to host the show for a longtime.Daniel albeit young possesses most of the qualities of established journalists,he only needs our support and encouragement.He is a great journalist in the making. I wish both of them all the best!!!.

  26. Ewurabena says

    I’ll miss Daniel. Wish you both well wherever you find yourselves.

  27. Alex O.M says

    Kojo pretends to know everything from A to Z. Is Joy FM confused?

    1. Mark Hazard says

      I guess the main deciding factor is that we are in an election year and they know that Kojo Yankson is more experienced than Daniel Dadzie to handle the tasks ahead.

  28. Anonymous says

    Lets not crucify people when they make mistakes, lets support our own. Both presenters are fantastic.

  29. Mwinikomah Paul says

    Both of them are just amazing; I think the two should be on the joy SMS with Kojo as the host since he is more matured and more experienced.

  30. Anonymous says

    Daniel i will miss you

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