Kofi Kinaata addresses UN on migration and his role as IOM Ghana Goodwill Ambassador

Ghanaian musician Kofi Kinaata has addressed the world’s high level delegates at the ongoing ‘International Dialogue on Migration’ held at the United Nations Headquarters.

In his address, Kinaata reflected on his journey as the Goodwill Ambassador of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Ghana, a role he has passionately embraced since 2017.

Kinaata shared what motivated him to accept the ambassadorial position, highlighting the significant influence of IOM’s work.

“IOM has helped a lot of returnees. They always end their stories by saying ‘IOM reintegrated me, IOM helped me to come back,’ so when I was contacted by IOM in 2017, I immediately accepted the offer,” he recounted.

His words underscored the deep impact of IOM’s initiatives on the lives of countless individuals who have been successfully reintegrated into their communities.

The musician also opened up about the personal challenges he faces when writing songs about migration. He revealed that his conversations with returnees played a crucial role in shaping his understanding and empathy, allowing him to compose meaningful and impactful music.

“Speaking to returnees helped me understand their experiences, which I then used to create songs that resonate with their stories,” he explained.

In a poignant moment, Kinaata shared a personal anecdote, revealing that he could have easily fallen victim to the dangers of stowaway if not for his career in music. This revelation highlighted the precarious choices faced by many young people in search of better opportunities and underscored the importance of IOM’s mission.

Kinaata’s speech was met with admiration and respect from the international delegation, many of whom recognized the power of music in raising awareness about migration issues. His dedication and efforts as a Goodwill Ambassador have significantly contributed to the ongoing dialogue on migration, making a profound impact both in Ghana and internationally.

As a proud representative of Ghana, Kofi Kinaata continues to use his platform to advocate for the rights and well-being of migrants. His work exemplifies the transformative power of music and storytelling in fostering understanding and driving positive change.

Known for songs like ‘No Place like home,’ ‘Thy Grace,’ and the latest on his Kofi oo Kofi EP, ‘Saman,’ the multiple award winning has demonstrated his commitment to addressing irregular migration.

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