Kumawu by-election: EC dismisses notice of poll circulating on social media

Source The Ghana Report

The Electoral Commission (EC) has described as fake the notice of poll circulating on social media platforms claiming to be related to the upcoming Kumawu by-election scheduled for May 23, 2023.

The notice which has gone viral and is alleged to be an official notice from the EC has photos of two independent candidates, wearing kente cloth with the same symbol of a bird.

Image of the fake notice of poll

However, the EC in a statement issued on Sunday clarified that their office has issued no such notice, therefore the public should disregard the notice.

“For the information of the Public, both Independent Candidates presented photographs of themselves in kente and a picture of a bird as their symbol to our District Officer in Kumawu. Based on this, a draft Notice of Poll, bearing the photograph of the Independent Candidates with similar names, attires and symbols was prepared and submitted to the Commission for approval”.

“It was neither approved by the Commission nor gazetted. A notice of poll becomes legal and binding only after it is gazetted. The version circulating on social media was never gazetted. It was a mere draft reflecting the photographs and symbols presented to the District Officer,” excerpts of the statement read.

The EC further noted that it had to apply the Public Elections Regulations and assign the second independent candidate a hoe as his symbol after he refused to heed advice to change his symbol.

“When this anomaly came to the notice of the Commission, the second Independent Candidate was advised to change his symbol since he was the last to submit his Nomination Form. He refused to do so causing the Commission to apply Regulation 14(1) (b) and (c) of the Public Elections Regulations, 2020, C.I. 127.”

The EC assured the public that they are actively investigating the origin of the fake notice and will take appropriate action against those responsible for its creation and dissemination.

The Commission also emphasised its commitment to upholding democratic principles and ensuring that the will of the people is accurately reflected through legitimate and lawful means.

The statement from EC on the fake Notice of Poll

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