Aside from how good sex feels, it can also be good for you.

Lifestyle Relationships Weddings 7 amazing things that happen to your body after sex

When it comes to sex, most of us already feel there are benefits that regular intimacy brings. However, you may be surprised at the range of benefits of healthy sex, from reducing stress to lowering your risk of cancer or heart problems.

According to recent studies, regular sex can provide many boosts to your well-being. This is because sex is just like any other physical activity and the benefits it provides can eventually increase your life span.


Here’s a break down amazing things that happen to your body after sex:


You feel happy

A huge amount of happy hormones, known as oxytocin, are secreted by your brain when you have sex.


The vagina starts lubricating

Basically, during sex, your blood vessels start dilating and blood starts flowing to all your reproductive organs which ultimately leads to vaginal expansion and ultimately, lubrication.


You become super sensitive

As the blood flow increases in your body, there is also a surge of nitric oxide during sex. That’s why you feel that all your erogenous points like your nipples, neck, and genitals become super active and sensitive.


You orgasm

This is the finish line. The uterus and clitoris return to their normal positions. Swelling in your vagina, as well as your breast, recedes, lubrication disappears, and your muscles relax. There is also the release of a calming hormone called prolactin which results in sleep.


You tend to burn a few calories

Research has found that men burn an average of 101 calories during sex or about 4.2 calories burned per minute. Women burn an average of 69 calories during sex or about 3.2 per minute.


Intense closeness and intimacy

Sex helps a couple feel incredibly close to one another. It induces a psychological connection between two people and this enhances sexual experience. Kissing, touching and feeling one another can amp up the intimacy level between the two.


Releases stress

Sex is an excellent way of destressing. It relieves you of any existing pain and acts as a natural pain reliever. When you focus on the pleasure that comes with it, you no longer feel the burden of pain or stress on your mind.


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