Mali cancels all colonial agreements with France

Source The Ghana Report

After independence, 14 French-speaking countries signed 11 agreements with France which are as follows :



That is to say that the newly independent states must reimburse the cost of the infrastructures built by France during the colonization.
We are always looking for the details of the costs, the evaluation of the benefits and the payment conditions imposed by France on African countries.



That is to say that African countries must deposit their financial reserves with the Banque de France. Thus, France has been “guarding” the financial reserves of fourteen African countries since 1961: Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Chad, Congo-Brazzaville, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

Thus, the governance of monetary policies remains asynchronous and incomplete due to the fact that it is managed directly by the French government, without any link with the financial authorities of countries such as ECOWAS or CEMAC.

Thus, due to the conditions that bind the banks of the 14 countries of the CFA economic and financial zones, they are obliged to keep 65% of their foreign exchange reserves in an operations account maintained by the French Treasury, as well as an additional 20% in order to cover “financial risks”.

In addition, the banks of the CFA zones impose a credit limit on each member country, equivalent to 20% of state revenues in the current budget year, although the BEAC or the BCEAO have higher withdrawal possibilities from the French Treasury. These withdrawals must first be the subject of the agreement of the French Treasury.
The final decision, therefore, rests with the French Treasury, which has itself invested the reserves of African countries on the Paris stock exchange.

In other words, 85% of African financial reserves are deposited in an operation account controlled by the French administration.

The two banks in the CFA zone are African by their names but do not decide any of the monetary policies by themselves.
The worst thing is that the countries themselves do not even know how much of their financial reserves are due to them.



That is to say that France has the first right to purchase the natural resources of the land of its former colonies. It is only after France has said: “I am not interested”, that African countries are allowed to look for other partners.



In the awarding of public contracts, French companies have priority over tenders. Even if African countries can get better value for money elsewhere.

As a result, in most of the former French colonies, all the economic levers of the countries are in the hands of French expatriates. In Côte d’Ivoire, for example, French companies own and control all major public services including water, electricity, telephone, air transport, ports and major banks. It is the same in trade, construction and agriculture.



Thanks to a sophisticated system of scholarships, grants, and the “defense agreements” attached to the colonial pact, Africans must send their senior officers for training in France and are obliged to provide themselves with military equipment with France.



Under the so-called “defence agreements” attached to the colonial pact, France has the right to intervene militarily in African countries, and also to permanently station troops in military bases and installations, entirely managed by the French.



An organization for the French language and the dissemination of French culture has even been created. It is called the “Francophonie” and has several satellite organizations. These organizations are affiliated to and controlled by the French Minister of Foreign Affairs.



Although this system is not shared by the European Union, the French colonies are forced to use the FCFA exclusively.



That is to say that the director of the central banks of the former colonies presents the said report at the annual meetings of the Ministers of Finance on the former colonies. This report is then compiled by the Banque de France and the French Treasury.



Most of these countries only have military alliances with their ex-colonizers simply because France forbade them any other military alliance.



More than a million African soldiers fought for the defeat of Nazism and fascism during the Second World War. Now that France is militarily linked to the European Union, NATO and the United States, Africa will de facto be committed to the side of France in the event of the 3rd World War.

Dear fellow Africans, eleven (11) agreements are still in force between France and the 14 countries of the CFA zone, and no French media or their so-called African specialists will ever talk about these sinister agreements that have been imposed on the African countries of the CFA zone.

Dear compatriots, that is why we do not stop denouncing this colonization which has now been practiced since 1960, by interposed persons, that is to say by leaders of their choices whom they support and whom they protect by imposing dictatorship on them in front of their own peoples.

What interests us today among these eleven agreements is the tenth (n⁰ 10) which says that the 14 countries of the CFA zone through the agreement, are not authorized to have a military alliance with other countries and are also not authorized to buy military equipment in another European country without the authorization of France,
that is why Mali has been blocked until today. But the situation has been unblocked, Mali can now freely cooperate with all the planet’s countries without asking France for permission.


  1. Anonymous says


    1. Anonymous says

      Yes, yes, yes!!, down with racists and colonists, long live Africa!!

      1. Anonymous says

        Yes , down to send any money to Africa

        1. Anonymous says

          .. lets get ir on…

          1. Anonymous says

            How can we be so stupid to have allowed this to go on for so long to us younger generations this does not make sense

          2. Anonymous says

            Well done…. away with France

          3. Anonymous says

            I’m speakless how on earth will someone accept this agreement in the name of independent and after accept this nonsense thing we call it agreement, we then proudly celebrate our independence!!! Non brothers and sisters of MOTHER AFRICA THE FIGHT FOR LIBERATION CONTINUES ,

        2. Anonymous says

          If France can have this Kind of agreement, which means Britain which is more greed will have double,

          1. Anonymous says

            Britain is not half as greedy as France.

          2. Anonymous says

            It is the same political influence EFF has in South Africa as a party which is currently convincing youth to vote for them. EFF President is funded by the Ruperts of this world to enrich only EFF President. When are we as Africa wake up? Even though it took this long well done ECOWAS!

          3. Anonymous says

            U are right

          4. Ringnyu Ibrahim says

            This is a great move by the Malian government. Africa was sleeping while the other advanced nations were using us to their advantage.
            Inasmuch as the Africans are standing up for their rights, we have to use reasoning over emotions. France and other nations have been very unfair to us, but we need to develop too as other nations, so we need those nations too in the course.
            What I suggest is that we keep emotions aside and work with all nations that can bring value to our continent on our own terms. Chasing away other nationals and bringing in xenophobia and racism is not what we need to be what we want to be.
            We need to show them that we can be that good and smart at everything.

          5. Anonymous says

            Former British colonies have to pay millions of dollars in tax every month amidst other crazy conditions

          6. Cj says

            No it doesn’t.

          7. Anonymous says

            That is certain my brother. I weep for Africa. Wake up Africa my mother land.

          8. Anonymous says

            This is silent slavery. The game should be over now. Continuity of this, means mortgaging the future of the present and unborn Africans. Enough is enough.

          9. Anonymous says

            Yeah man

        3. Anonymous says

          What a dubious agreement, France how wicked and shameless you are. You have been using Africa to enriched yourself. Africa Youths Arise and fight fir your continent. Say no to imperialism

          1. Thomas says

            Fuck of France, please let’s west African countries wake and fights for their rights and freedoms

          2. Anonymous says

            This make my stomach sick. France did the same think to Haiti. France are evil and it is time for Africa to wake up.

          3. Anonymous says

            A brilliant idea. Congrats to 🇲🇱

        4. Anonymous says

          Surely, are the French okay? How is this kind of arrangement tenable even in animal kingdom?

          1. Anonymous says


          2. Anonymous says

            We Africans are awake from a sleep lmperialists leave African issues to be solved by Africans

          3. Bellâtre says

            Die Bedienung unter denen Russland und China in diesen Ländern agieren dürften um Länge brutaler sein.

          4. Robin says

            Since 1961? The financial reserves at 85% more than paid for colonial infrastructurial remains. There needs to be a serious accounting done to recoup African losses.

          5. Anonymous says

            Wake up and return your future endeavours use wisdom because they are wise

        5. Anonymous says

          Thank you very much you see French people they’re not good at all, they look like baby ma rat eating you at the same time blowing area.
          So my African leaders please be careful with these white guys, before you agreed on any of their proposal you have think twice.
          “The decision you may today it might affect you tommorow”

        6. Alain says

          I now understand the reason why our continent still poor. All this, because of these agreements.

          1. Mustapha says

            Banagana goni Ngamdu

        7. Anonymous says

          The acceptance of all dis conditions, is due to illiteracy back dem, so if we should say, is dis freedom of independence, I will say no. This is slavery. I keep on saying dis, dat for Africa to grow and do better, we need to cut of from our colonial masters. Dey ave no good intentions for Africa nation’s.

          1. Anonymous says

            Sorry the 14 countries are still under the York, these leaders are lazy why not liberate yourselves what are you waiting for.
            All these years you are still blind stand up and fight for your land, it is your right.

        8. Anonymous says

          Weldone Mali

        9. Anonymous says

          The falling of France are very close

          1. Anonymous says

            Brillant move! Unbelievable that such an agreement was signed in the first place. Enslavement continued and we wonder why the continent is in this sad state. They did/doing same to Haití. France and the other Western powers are not going to give up without a fight, the resources are their lifesource, hence all the, various treaties; military might; greedy, self-serving puppet leaders: agencies and businesses which ensures the wealth goes one way and the country remains impoverished and burdened, etc. Plus don’t forget the media propaganda machinery and the use of Africa to experiement on with new dispares, abortion clinics, miseducation, etc. Africa must not exchange one devil with another set of devils such as China, Russia, India and many of the other BRICS nations. Just look at how they treat Africans there. None are friends but all can be useful ‘partners’ for military and trade needs. Please, please, please do not sell out your generations to continued enslavement on the continent and other parts of the world or to them having watery graves in the oceans striving for better.

        10. Sunday iheagwazi says

          Wow a shared wickedness to have this to continue until now, what’s our fore leaders thinking to have agreed to such thing and on in dependence day, we are celebrating freedom which we are not, thanks for the eye 👁‍🗨 opener. Mother Africa 🌍 we have woken up, great Mali 🇲🇱 Greta Africa 🌍

        11. Yahbah says

          You must be intense wicked to come with such an agreement for African countries. This is exactly what France did to Haïti to destroy her.

          Very glad that Mali took this courage against the agreement. Please stay on your decision and don’t pay France not 1 cent back!

      2. Anonymous says

        No cars , no spare parts, no medicine, all made in Africa. That’s will save many money and the overpopulation in Africa will stopped easily

        1. Anonymous says

          God bless Mali.

          1. Anonymous says

            God bless all these 14 African countries under france indirect rule.They have now seen the light.

          2. Anonymous says

            …. like the song by black singer marvin gaye.. lets it on,.. africa, God bless mother Russia…

          3. Anonymous says

            Thank you

          4. Anonymous says

            It’s time for all our mother nations to wake up and reason together and stop this nonsense. Let Africa be great

          5. Saja Muraya says

            Finally this ridiculous agreement is being challenged, ECOWAS should support the 14 nations to get out of their slavery.

          6. Anonymous says

            Other francophone countries should do

            The same as Mali. Also they should take that agreement to the united nations general assembly and read it to the world, let’s see what the USA will say or do about it.

          7. Anonymous says

            I think our fore fathers were very dull… how can you sign this bullshit agreement
            it was suppose to be the other way round

        2. Anonymous says

          You must be stupid to think that Africa is overpopulated than Europe with its size and the population dwelling there in

          1. Anonymous says

            Africa is overpopulated??? Wat???

          2. Anonymous says

            These thugs must pay for the all financial damages caused.

          3. Anonymous says

            I don’t know what to say.. after all that france complain about migrants coming to their countries. They forget that is their own agreements that cause these countries to be poor.

          4. Anonymous says

            Dr. Kwame Nkrumah said colonialism is not gone he will come back in different ways so be careful and vigilante where’s our leaders?are they sleeping oh 😭😭AFRICA must unite 🇧🇴🇦🇴🇹🇬🇿🇦🇸🇱🇨🇲🇨🇮🇬🇳🇬🇭🇬🇦🇲🇲🇳🇬🇸🇳🇹🇬 they should learn something from Malian leader we must wake up. Chase those crazy baldhead out of town we gonna chase those crazy baldhead out of town. Chase those crazy bumphead chase those crazy baldhead out of town. So what is the agreement between British and Ghana?

        3. Anonymous says


          1. Anonymous says

            So France is indirectly colonizing African countries after independence,oh my God. No wonder African nations are still in poverty and the economic of the west is growing tremendously, I hate west with passion

          2. Anonymous says

            The westerners never want Africa to see the light.
            But there is always light at the end of the tunnel.. God bless Africa

          3. Anonymous says

            ECOWAS it self is a weak vessel, and our Democratically elected leaders are puppets especially the west African leaders. How can we librate our selfs .. God have mercy on Africa, the youth are suffering under these bad colonial agreement and greedy leadership

        4. Anonymous says

          God be with Mali for taking the lead to save the African continent.

          1. Anonymous says

            It should have happened sooner. It is still a brilliant idea and Africa is waking up. Godspeed

        5. Anonymous says

          What overpopulation? Save Africa from what?

          1. Anonymous says

            So this nonsense had been going on….Africa koraa who bewitched us

        6. Anonymous says

          Why are you angry

        7. Anonymous says

          Of course one day this going to happen

        8. Anonymous says

          Before you assholes came, we Africans were living alright. Pig!

          1. Gervase Odiko, Nairobi Kenya says

            Too little too late! Shame.

          2. Anonymous says

            Am a Kenyan and i support 💯 what Mali is doing… Let them fuck off and go….

        9. Shabaka says

          I’m an African born in america and completely disgusted after reading this monstrous colonial scam. Shame on the west and especially france. I wish to send funds to Niger to help my African brothers and sisters. How can I do that?

          1. Anonymous says

            I think Bukinafaso should follow up what Mali did

        10. Anonymous says

          Thanks to russia and China we will work with th in trusted partnership and we will move miles away from your evil ideas and we will produce more children and we bless them on God hand ✋

          1. Anonymous says

            Another enslavement with Russia and China coming. Africa beware.

          2. Lisa.tonie says

            Ohhh my good ,it’s should now be anew song across african nations.To fight against this kind of French activism on africa,we need to stand for our new generation pan-african,,”gadafi” may his soul rest in peace.

        11. Anonymous says

          The blame should directed at the African politicians who signed this agreement at the time independence was granted. Did they not realise what they were agreeing to?

          1. Anonymous says

            That’s an evils acts on Africans. I hope other African nations will follow suit. Let’s rise up to stop British thievery in Africa also.

        12. Daniel says

          Who said Africa is over populated you are lying to yourself and maybe you are part of the sinister western plot to decrease the human population for your own selfishness

        13. Anonymous says

          It’s about time, never thought I will see this revolution in my life time. France and allthe European countries are benefiting from importation of African resources while they point a finger to the poor African for not able to help themselves.

        14. Anonymous says

          You are not intelligent. Africa need more population than this compare the the African landmass

        15. Anonymous says

          A brilliant idea. Congrats to 🇲🇱

        16. Anonymous says

          What overpopulation in Africa? Do you have data on carrying capacity of Africa in terms of number of people per sqkm vs Africa’s resource base?
          We should be talking of the ongoing depopulation of Africa

        17. Anonymous says

          I salute Mali 🇲🇱 for this sensible approach, they should do anything that will better their country, I believe other sensible African countries will follow.

          1. Anonymous say says

            Dr. Kwame Nkrumah said colonialism is not gone he will come back in different ways so be careful and vigilante Africa. Now see where’s our phd leaders intelligent leaders are they sleeping? AFRICAN leaders we have to liberate and unite. Oh AFRICA 😭😥😭😢😥🇳🇬🇲🇲🇹🇬🇧🇴🇨🇮🇬🇳🇬🇭🇬🇦🇰🇪🇲🇱🇸🇳🇸🇱 Bob Marley said chase those crazy baldhead out of town we gonna chase those crazy chase those crazy bumphead. Chase those crazy baldhead out of town. you see this people kill all the real pan African leader’s where’s sankara, morgabe, Gadafi, Dr. Nkrumah etc. AFRICA MUST UNITE oh Africa😢 today we have colonialism agreement between France and he’s francophone what about the rest Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Kenya, Sierra Leone etc.

      3. Anonymous says

        God grant Mali with more wise men to turn Africa fir self control not to stay on the hands of these bloody thieves in the name of colonizers

      4. Anonymous says

        The best news coming from Africa.
        The time has come

      5. Anonymous says

        Neocolonialism..an advanced form of slavery…

      6. Ohis says

        Neocolonialism..an advanced form of slavery…

      7. Anonymous says

        It is time to do away with the West, they have nothing to offer Africa except exploitation, rape and manipulation. They wouldn’t want Africans to grow to its full potentials. They want Africa to have the worst rulers possible who will help them exploit , steal and plunder our resources while our best brains run away from the Continent. Look at what they did to Thomas Sankara, Ghadafi and other Pan Africanists , we MUST do away with the imperialists.

        1. Anonymous says

          100% right!

      8. Anonymous says


      9. Anonymous says

        What a discovery, let’s us all stand up to fight 💪 this system for the betterment of Africa

      10. Mohammed says

        This looks like fake news to me. Put in place to stoke emotions. I would be carefulin believing it.

      11. Anonymous says

        The Awakening has begun…I’ve prayed for this for a very long time…🙏

        1. Anonymous says

          What we need is to create a Movement for the End of French Colonial Pacts in Africa and drum it into the ears of our brothers in those French prisons called countries. We must tell them that they need to unilaterally end those pacts! Strangely, America that pretends to be the defender of democracy has never once complained about these French hellish pacts in Africa. They all join to rape Africa and now are urging ECOWAS to attack Niger. For what? Democracry? Democracy my foot!

      12. Anonymous says

        Which other race on earth could have religiously respected this abominable so called agreements for more than 60 years? Only Africans isn’t it? Even today, Francophone leaders still fear to abolish these agreements made in hell. Yet they will pretend to be serving their people! How many Francophone countries have published these hellish agreements for their people to seee? How many have tabled them for discussion at the African Union, ECOWAS or other regional organisations? They have contributed to the blindness and stupidity of our people. And they say they act out of fear? How many have even raised a case at the ICC or ICJ against such hainous impositions? NO, we are worse than we think!!!

    2. Anonymous says

      We must force all our leaders in French speaking countries to break away from these evil colonial agreements with France 🇫🇷

      1. Yahbah says


    3. OBIRI YEBOAH says


      1. Anonymous says

        Yes bro, we need to man up 💪

      2. Anonymous says


      3. Anonymous says

        Don’t fail to do away with their Berlin conference of 1884-1885 guys where they divided Africa continent on the table among themselves, eg France and Britain mainly share the whole of Africans resources for enriching themselves while they keep Africans in bondage and milk them dry more importantly it allow natural boundaries back so people go according to their ethnicities, their original nations as God created them not man and peace will reign just as these colonisers did in their respective countries but they don’t want it on Africans cos they don’t want anything good for Africans but good things they think is only for them not for Africans.

    4. Anonymous says

      It’s very sad, Africa union are quite about this affair. They should stand up and handle them with care. France should be taken to the Hague.

      1. Anonymous says

        Bravo au Niger et félicitations au Mali. J’espère que les autres pays qui parlent français en Afrique trouvent le courage pour dire NON à france et la jetent dehors d’Afrique. La france et tous les autres pays européens sont très très mals vers Afrique.
        Kick france out of Africa at all costs no matter the price!

    5. Otto says

      Unbelievable, utterly so! Do set yourselves free from that inhumane serfdom condition. All my solidarity!

    6. Samuel says

      I know that white people are dimon

    7. Nat cobby says

      OMG. ..with this, how then do we say this francophone countries are independent countries…
      I have no doubt that anglophone countries will be the say..
      Africa let as wake up and stop this nonsense and stupidity

    8. Anonymous says

      Can you please see by yourself

    9. Anonymous says

      Gog and Magog prophecy is being fulfilled. The king of the south will align with Russia. Africa should run their own affairs.

      1. Anonymous says

        I love this, this is true independence. All African nations must act now. All Afrikaans must unite now.

    10. Anonymous says

      About time…..

    11. Mustapha says

      Banagana goni Ngamdu

    12. Chrisogonas O says

      VIVA Mali, VIVA Afrika! Very BOLD and way long overdue! Let’s roll out the same to other countries still choking under these abusive parasitic bilateral ties.

    13. Anonymous says

      What kind of independance is that? People shoul arise and fight foe their economical freedom!

    14. EA says

      This should form part of the educational curriculum in all African countries. It must guard future generations from this very stupid and evil manipulation. Indeed their puppets signed this and even bound their children. What a shame to be reading about this in the 21 century!

    15. Anonymous says

      I pray my country Nigeria can also do this too.United states of Africa

    16. Anonymous says

      Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 has been under Western sanctions for so long and so we lose nothing by cutting ties with the West.
      Weldone Niger 🇳🇪 … we should follow suit!

  2. Anonymous says

    Goid ler them srarve thwt been usung feance kullvtheir own peo0le for yrs this scum bag j6nta reolace peacw keepers with rusdia toturing merceneriws to keep killung and stop pwace agreemebt taking sudes in internal confluct to shorw itself up alrwasy burkina faso begging fir aid bo let thwm stand in their lues and killing al9ne they just power hungry refuse hold elections suppress free speech and kill at wulk nithing grwat here they bern signing deals for yrs free wikl they have not been xolinized for decades but luke most african countrues want to blame poir chouce neptisnm greed and uncomputance on in west alwats the vuctom like vhaba oresudenr saud stop begging as i just saud alrwady hypocrirs cimpaning france wibr give them free stuff in burkina faso junta a joke

  3. Anonymous says

    Goid ler them srarve thwt been usung feance kullvtheir own peo0le for yrs this scum bag j6nta reolace peacw keepers with rusdia toturing merceneriws to keep killung and stop pwace agreemebt taking sudes in internal confluct to shorw itself up alrwasy burkina faso begging fir aid bo let thwm stand in their lues and killing al9ne they just power hungry refuse hold elections suppress free speech and kill at wulk nithing grwat here they bern signing deals for yrs free wikl they have not been xolinized for decades but luke most african countrues want to blame poir chouce neptisnm greed and uncomputance on in west alwats the vuctom like vhaba oresudenr saud stop begging as i just saud alrwady hypocrirs cimpaning france wibr give them free stuff in burkina faso junta a joke and no this wevsite fake i havw not alrwqdy said this you propafanda rag

    1. Anonymous says

      Peter you are wrongly to thank god for Mali. Where was god when the evil was raping and poisoned our Africa people. Travel to guinea, ivory coast, Mali and Niger to see the devastating effect of uranium mining and the destruction France caused in Africa.

  4. Peter says

    God bless Mali 🇲🇱…..long live the Malian ruler. Africa is waking up

    1. Maradona says

      It’s well with Africa.

  5. Anonymous says

    Other countries under this evil agreement should follow suit.the real satan is white not black

  6. Anonymous says

    Great move by Mali. I hope the rest will follow soon.

    1. Anonymous says

      This is what AU leaders should have been fighting not thinking of sending troops

      1. Anonymous says

        The leaders of African union are not fit for purpose. Instead of supporting Niger for ECONOMICAL FREEDOM they are thinking of themselves and France loss
        We the children of Afrika We will remove by force any organisation that are serving the west instead of the people of Africa.
        We the children of Afrika We will fight because we know it is necessary ENOUGH IS ENOUGH
        Thank you Mali
        Thank you NIGER
        Thank you Bukinafaso

        1. Anonymous says

          At least the people of Nigeria seem to understand the real challenge for Niger people and are against the war. Well I guese gradually all the Francophone countries will awake and undo all this past agreements. African continent is so rich and if only we can get patriotic leaders throughout then we can manage and even stoppage of this Europe migration can be a reality. Let’s not blame our forefathers at least they got us free despite falling into the traps of those cunning Europeans into signing those scrupulous agreements. At least a new generation of leaders are emerging in the African CONTINENT. SLOWLY THOSE EMPERIALISTS WILL BE DEFEATED.

        2. Anonymous says

          It is only and mad man that will support war against the countries that has decided to free themselves from France slavery. May Almighty God visit the France nation with the worst calamity ever for their evil agendas.

    2. Anonymous says

      What’s up NIGERIANS?

      1. Gervase Odiko says

        Whoever signed this should have been hanged long ago.

  7. Miami says

    Finally Independence is coming to Africa…We now left with Moving away from UN and the Dollar…Bingo

  8. Anonymous says

    Excellent. But we know ECOWAS leaders are brainless idiots!!!

    1. Anonymous says

      Go with Russia, and you will be suffering but you never learn

      1. Anonymous says

        Educate your prople to run the country by themselves.

        1. Anonymous says

          Finally liberation is coming Africa way. May all our useless leaders give by whatever means necessary. I can’t wait for every country in this continent to severe this evil relationship called colonization.

        2. Anonymous says

          Africa union is a puppet. The people have decided to finish with the west. The west is going to tumble. They wont be able to run their undustries since The uranium from Niger is gone. Long liife Africa

      2. Anonymous says

        This powerful article made my day and after reading it I changed my mind. Before now I was supporting ECOWAS to battle Niger But now, ECOWAS must not fight our brother anymore. Knowledge is really power! France is satanic, God bless Mali.

  9. Anonymous says

    Best news dispenser ever

  10. Anonymous says

    Briliant Mali. Get Russia to help. All Ecowas can get Russia’s help. It is freedom, liberty and justice not àbout faith and religion.

    1. Anonymous says

      That’s is unbelievable, Why should francophone agree to this in the first place

      1. Anonymous says


      2. Diana says

        Who told you it’s only francophone countries that the neocolonialism’s been imposed on ? Even the anglophones countries are their puppets too ,what a good time to be alive ,it’s time Africa at large to do away with our oppressors

  11. Chizzy says

    Finally liberation is coming Africa way. May all our useless leaders give by whatever means necessary. I can’t wait for every country in this continent to severe this evil relationship called colonization.

    1. Anonymous says

      So what’s next? The foriengns ain’t our problems, not at all, We Africans have refused to grow Economically, Politically, Strategically and other-wise…… We need to do the needful and stop celebrating and the glorification of crimes, etc.

  12. kwadjo says

    i love you Mali
    we are fully behind you
    the so called colonial master is nothing without you

  13. Air Angel Etual says

    Great move,
    I am very much happy to hear this good news from Malian government,
    This is good news for African leaders to follow, now Mali have pave the way for the rest of the stupid leaders in African leaders to follow,

  14. SN njuguna says

    Strange vestiges of awful colonialism. It’s upon us Africans to break that evil bondage and free our people and generations. Colonialists stinks bad.

    1. Djibril says

      Bravo Mali

  15. Africans says

    Mali 🇲🇱 please forget Russia 🇷🇺, forget France 🇫🇷 forget them white countries for they are the same people doing the same thing in different ways. Pls lead Africa to true independent.

    1. Anonymous says

      Exactly, African countries should learn to run their countries without help from outside.

  16. Anonymous says

    And what are the rest doing? France should be prosecuted in the World Court. All the countries involved signed this stupid contract under duress. France should be made to pay all the monies back with compound interest. I urge all these countries to stand up and defend their rights. Nkrumah Never Dies.

  17. Anonymous says

    If France stops “guarding” the financial reserves of the fourteen African countries, it will become a 3rd world country.

  18. Anonymous says

    The rest of the countries should quit the agreement ASAP!

  19. Anonymous says

    The others should wake up and spell the coffee!

    1. Anonymous says

      Most of the francophone countries listed here are the poorest in Africa, inspite of their rich natural resources. We now know where their wealth have been going😅. But come to think of it, why are Africans just reacting now?

      1. Djibril says

        Because its about time..Everything has its time.

  20. Anonymous says

    France is about to reboot and reset back to 1961 default settings.

  21. Anonymous says

    France panic mode!

  22. Anonymous says

    I was born with a deep and unknown hatred for France from a very young age, I finally know why.

  23. Anonymous says

    This is instructive! Who were the leaders who signed these agreements in the 60s in the first place? How could you have sold your birthright for a cheap morsel of meal? I now understand Mali and Burkina Faso.

    1. Kodwo Nketsiah says

      France and the prople who call themselves,
      French citizens are very wicked. Congratulations to the authorities in Mali for loosening this permanent rope of colonialism from their necks.

  24. Robert B. Mutyaba says

    Best part should be to even drop French and adopt Swahili.

  25. Anonymous says

    Congratulations to Mali for taking that very bold step towards self liberation,my sincere hope is fellow Africans will support the Mali cause. I would also like to know the British agreement with their colonies

    1. Anonymous says

      That is right mali am togolese we have been trough well and too much sofer in the hands of this wicked France it time for all Africans to wake up and make them to leave and stop looting our mineral resources

  26. Skin head says

    Africa will suffer without UN and the WEST
    believe me

    1. Anonymous says

      We are suffering already with what is in place. Better suffer alone, with our resources. Of which, that will NEVER happen.

  27. Anonymous says

    Are we not going through well now?

  28. Ojo Ololade Alaba says

    These Western colonists have tied financial hands of African continent, Africans need to come together to fight back for their real freedom.

  29. Anonymous says

    It makes sense. So now the question is, how many African states have such conditions of previous masters? We need to rethink after all, so sad.

  30. Nii Lantey says

    …. and non of these agreements (not a single 1) favours these African countries and yet they’ve held on to it till this day. Now that light has come, the stupidity of ECOWAS is at display. Whose interest is ECOWAS going to fight for: to restore the puppet government and continue the stupidity of those agreements? SHAME ON ECOWAS!!!

  31. Anonymous says

    This is truth nothing but truth

    1. Anonymous says

      Removing France and inviting Russia is jumping from the frying pan to the fire. Russian wants to colonise Eastern Europe and thats why Ukraine is fighting for their sovereignity. Wagner is the conduit of looting Africa’s natural resources to Russia and once they enter a country it will be difficult to evict them. Viva Africa and away with colonialism

    2. Anonymous says

      Such an opportunity came when Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah called for a united States of Africa but his plea was not heeded to. Mali will find it difficult to do it alone. This is the best chance Africa must not allow to slip by. Africa is at the verge of emancipation. The time is now.
      God bless Mali.

  32. David Maganga says

    This is the true Africa. Now thi is the right path towards economic development. Weldone, keep it up and God bless Africa.

  33. Anonymous says

    Liberté et rien que la liberté.
    Vive le Mali
    Vive le Peuple Malien

  34. Anonymous says

    We were colonise d for decades,but still under precolonial,even our new generation shall remain nameless but slaves never admirable,allow us to control our resources remain in in your country,Thank you our military leaders for reasoning.

  35. Anonymous says

    Hurray! Hurray! True independence for Africa is happening now. Africa,let’s unite and speak with one voice. It’s our time now and together with our ancestral spirits and our Gods, it’s time to prosper beyond the levels of our colonial “Masters”. It won’t be long before we also lock our borders to stop white immigrants dying to settle in Africa. Our leaders must unite if not,we the people should rise up and expunge them from this historic journey beginning to unfold – charlesmaina07@gmail.com (Kenya)

  36. Anonymous says

    It is unbelievable that this wicked agreement can be tolerated by African leaders

  37. Anonymous says

    This agreement will no longer have an effect again, all African to re co consider the agreement so called colonial masters have with us, have them cancel all.

    They are nothing without Africans. Let’s in our self to re build African. When a democratic leader refuses to listen to his people, I support soldiers to take over the country from elected leaders. To maintain sanity in the country.

  38. Anonymous says

    And the African presidents have sheepishly obeyed these contracts? Why did Africa fight for Independence? West African countries leaders should wake up from the slumber.
    Or is it happening to African British colonies too? Africa will remain a shit hole.
    MALI Congratulations for bold action.

    1. Kodwo Nketsiah says

      France and the prople who call themselves,
      French citizens are very wicked. Congratulations to the authorities in Mali for loosening this permanent rope of colonialism from their necks.

    2. Anonymous says

      No it does not happen in former British countries. You need to know what happened to the African francophone countries who refused to go through this……it was not easy for them.

  39. AstaCato says

    Congratulations to Mali people for the emancipation and opening the door for the remaining African countries to follow suit

  40. Anonymous says

    Power power power we move, kick them out…… We move Africa forward no more backward

  41. Anonymous says

    What was wrong with our coconut head leaders who’s been honouring such inhumane agreement

  42. Anonymous says

    Imagine all such terms for the purpose of stealing Africa
    Others of the same problem should follow suit and get backup from the entire continent.

  43. Anonymous says

    Hi guys this is not only happening in the French colonised countries, CFA. also in the English colonised countries too.
    So Africa 🌍 needs to wake up from her slumber.
    Up Russia 🇷🇺 I stand with Russia 🇷🇺 👏 🙌 👍🏼 😀 🙄 🇷🇺.

    1. Anonymous says

      Russia, China and every other country looks out for their own interests. Be careful not to leave one colonial master and submit to another.

      1. Mohammed Osman says

        Very true, it may be from sauce pan to fire.

  44. Anonymous says

    The time has come this is our time Africa will rise again God bless Africans God bless those that wish us well iseeeee

  45. Anonymous says

    This is a good move towards Africa Liberation.The true liberation will be when I can travel from Cape town to Cairo through Khartoum without A visa or passport.

    1. Anonymous says

      We support Mali.These countries must standup for their rights.Do not give up the fight.Aluta continua

  46. Mambo jambo says

    Shameful onto 14 countries president. Has been Zero brain since 1960…..

  47. Anonymous says

    So our African leaders of the past, what were they doing when they were signing to these agreement, bird watching, drunk or bribed?

    I can’t think far at all.

    Damn bloody worms, no clout!

    I shock sef.

  48. Lamine Thiam says

    Thank you for sharing this very important information.
    Congratulations to Mali for talking this step toward a total independence. To othe 13 countries t follow Mali for the well-being of our people.

  49. Anonymous says

    My spirit is down waw wicked people, africa french speaking countries wake up get rid of them all, take your minerals stop giving them your Reserve don’t sign any agreement with french government ,what can of rubbish is that

  50. Anonymous says

    This is madness ,The whole of Africa must rise and throw the french out of africa.Nigeria and others who are trying to block these countries from independence should be treated as enemies of africa.The french should be made to pay for what they have taken out of Africa,together with their brothers British and other.

  51. Mukunya says

    This is madness ,The whole of Africa must rise and throw the french out of africa.Nigeria and others who are trying to block these countries from independence should be treated as enemies of africa.The french should be made to pay for what they have taken out of Africa,together with their brothers British and other.

  52. Anonymous says

    Africa must gain it’s freedom,
    And the only way is that africa”should have to collaborate with Russia to gain their freedom”
    I’m from Nigeria,
    I wish what happened in niger to happen in Nigeria

    1. Anonymous says

      Merci bcp Au pays le Mali and god bless assimi goïta

  53. Anonymous says

    I have always said that; nothing will remain hidden forever. One day the truth will be set free. How on earth can any country think like this for another sovereign nation. It’s Time Ghana decides. If we start now soon we will be free. It won’t be easy from start but we can and we are capable of managing our own affairs.


    it’s time for African countries to wake up time is and it’s too to to release now they use African countries as a working machine for themselves please we don’t need this poorly so called agreement anymore in our African countries just look after your own country we a sick and tired with this poor agreement

  55. Kabayekka says

    Actually many more former colonial countries are remotely at par with such agreements in their former colonies. Example is the official English language of Africa against the thousands of God given languages as spelt out in the United Nation headquarters in New York, USA.

  56. Anonymous says

    France is very, very, very right.

  57. Anonymous says

    I think some people are psychopathic what good has France done. Stealing and squandering resources of the poor people for over 40 years and killing them at will as well, you still say France is very very right. France should leave those countries with immediate effect. . Yes our people will have problems for a while but they will cope

  58. Anonymous says

    Malians know your in better position support 💯%

  59. Anonymous says

    The Brit have the same type of agreement with its former colonies.

  60. Anonymous says

    Oooh my God this is just horrible. How come Africans are allowed this to go on for so long? Please brothers and sisters from Africa we should by all means kick France out of Africa.

  61. Anonymous says

    Now I understand why they don’t respect us.this is some bullshit

  62. Mohammed Osman says

    Our government in Kenya should also tell us the colonial conditions we have with the British Colonialists to get our independence in 1963.

  63. Anonymous says

    Oh my my God. Why have this African countries allowed themselves to be used like fools for so long like this. No wonder why this west African countries are so backward. Even though kenya has its own problems at least we are not this primitive. Dang

    1. Anonymous says

      You are right

  64. Anonymous says

    This is crazy crazy ??????????????
    Looking at all ,what was agreed from the day one I personal I will not sign any of those
    As poor as the France colony countries are what infrastructure has ever been ,let alone paying loans of what ??????????????
    I couldn’t even read all the first 1and 2 made me sick
    No words
    Definitely they have to leave with the immediate effect

  65. Ahmed says

    May Allah bless Mali and the people of Mali who have the guts to cancel this authoritarian notorious and shameless agreement. You have shown the way to other countries. Africans must wake up from the deep and snoring slumber – the LIGHT has come, the hope for the better future. AMIN.

  66. Anonymous says

    I don’t know why our forefathers where so senseles by making such unprofitable agreement with those people 🙄

  67. Nasir Bello says

    Weldone Mali! May Allah help Africans to be free from all evils, and stand on their feet so as to prosper.

  68. Fidelis Nigeria says

    We the real Nigerians support our brother country Mali.
    Mali deserve to be the giant of Africa what a decision in my life time.
    Mali you know Nigerians are fantastically corrupt, a breeding ground for extremist terrorist differently living together. We are not one this why the is no true leader in Nigeria for all we’ve are chaff.
    Mali the giant of Africa.
    Mali shame the other African leaders who want to die in power without our development!

  69. Anonymous says

    Exploitation, exploitatipn, exploitation, pure and simple.
    The post-colonial leaders of Francophone Africa were not able to read between the lines of the implications of the economic agreements France was signing with them.
    But Cote d’Ivoire and Cameroon are still in the tantacles of French neo-colonial economic stranglehold. Will they also go the way Mali has chosen?

  70. scottsan says

    and these countries say they have independent ?? come on .. they need more Traores in that region .. and even change the language .. lets africa speak swahili period

  71. Papai says

    This is stupid and now the ECOWAS chaps must force Niger to be in perpetual slavery??
    Africa must gey rid of these dinosaur leaders i think they don’t use their brains.
    Who signs such a stupid agreement??
    Was France dealing with children??

  72. Anonymous says

    WAW, we Ethiopia have to always give thanks to our hero grandfathers that gave our freedom.

  73. Bah says

    Merde! This agreement are outrageous..
    Can’t believe our leaders succumb to this 😤

    I pray Mali sees a brighter future

  74. Anonymous says

    France should leave Africa alone and let us be for once. We are blessed with natural resources, and yet, Africa is still the poorest content. Just imagine, I think it’s time we stand up as one continent, and start to manage our own resources ourselves.

    1. Anonymous says

      The foolish corrupt politicians are the problem of Africa . Imagine France is condemning the coup in Niger. Our brains have been tempered with. Even in the comments section some people chooses to be anonymous 😭 Africa Africa the West reap you of your resources and then call you the poorest in the world.
      Pity 😞😞😞

  75. Anonymous says

    No wonder Africa is still back ward .
    Bravo Mali for Standing up for your
    Country and Africa. So it was independence
    by name.

  76. Anonymous says

    Na wá ọ. After sixty years of so-called independent, no wonder, Malama of South Africa really know what he is fighting for. African nations rise up and deliver yourself, we cannot continue to be in bondage.

  77. Anonymous says

    This is absurd and diabolical for any country to do such after all the crimes they committed i mean this is pathetic. This is a clarion call for sobriety to all African countries who are still enslaved. why do Europeans think they’re little gods stupid assholes. Kudos to Mali

  78. Anonymous says

    No wonder we Africa call Europeans blood suckers. How can France do this for so long and our leaders don’t talk about it. Africa need to stop using CFA in the whole of Africa.
    What has the English been doing to Africa?

  79. Murimi says

    This is the beginning; all other African countries should follow suit a d cancel such slavish agreement. Such are the reason for our continued servitude.

  80. Anonymous says

    Does someone have copies or links to copies of the said agreements?

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