MANASSEH’S FOLDER: IF the NDC loses the Supreme Court case against EC

  1. Dear NDC,

You’re in court against the Electoral Commission (EC). You don’t want the Commission to compile a new voter register for the 2020 parliamentary and presidential election.

Almost all civil society organisations in Ghana have issued a statement saying a new register is needless. Some well meaning Ghanaians agree with you and the CSOs.  But the EC stands its ground. From the court proceedings so far, you’re arguing that even if the EC Should go-ahead to compile a new register, it should accept the current voter ID cards as one of the documents that make one eligible to register for the new one.

The EC has got the NPP Majority in Parliament to pass a Constitutional  Instrument (CI) that says passports and the national ID cards should be the only identification documents to qualify one for the new voter register.

Only a handful of Ghanaians have passports. And the national ID card registration and distribution are still ongoing. The CI says those who don’t have these documents can only register if two people who are already registered agree to guarantee for them. You (the NDC) want holders of the old voter ID cards to register without guarantors.

The EC is against this. The EC’s position, like all its arguments for and concerning the new voters’ register, is consistent with the position of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP). This is not a strange coincidence.

The call for the new voter register is the NPP’s original idea since 2012. After the biometric register in 2012, the NPP later claimed some Togolese had registered in the Volta Region, your stronghold. The NPP wanted the register changed before the 2016 election. They were in opposition and the head of the EC then was not on their side on this. Today, the NPP is in power. A new EC chair appointed by an NPP president is in charge. The NPP wants it done. And it appears the EC is aligned.

Well, let’s return to the courtroom.

The Supreme Court is set to give its judgment on June 23, while the EC is set to begin the nationwide registration on June 30.

When you go to court, you should expect one of two outcomes: you either lose or win the case; you are either satisfied or dissatisfied with the judgment. If you win this case, many of your supporters will not be disenfranchised as you fear. But what if you lose? What will you do?

I have heard many of your supporters and party leaders at different levels say they would physically resist the compilation of a new voters register by the EC. Some have said they would do that with the last drop of their blood.

I have also seen the support your party is giving to the Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Bernard Mornah, who was recently questioned by the police for threatening to resist the compilation of the register.

I don’t know what the Supreme Court judges will say, but if the pendulum of justice does not swing in your direction, violence is not, should not, and must not be an option. There are many reasons for this.

The democracy you signed up for comes with a truckload of imperfections. And it’s not perfect anywhere. The imperfection of democracy is the only reason some of you ever got close to power. It’s the reason we are still living with the outcome of December 2016.

Democracy comes with disagreements. The court is where serious creases of disagreement are ironed out. The courts are also not perfect, but we have no option but to obey their rulings.

Not many in the NPP agreed with the Supreme Court when it ruled in 2013 that President Mahama had won the 2012 election.

Until we agree and codify the fact that if satisfactory justice is denied in the court, it should be obtained in the streets with bullets and machetes and cudgels, we cannot do otherwise. You must exhaust all the legal processes. And if you lose, you should obey what the court says.

You see, you need to think of the larger interest of the nation here when preaching violence. Just give it a little thought and you’ll realise any resort to violence would be an own goal.

Violence will favour the NPP and President Akufo-Addo, not you. The Ghana Police Service is a highly compromised state institution. The Electoral Commission is also not on your side.

The NPP government controls the coercive machinery of the state as mandated by the constitution through executive power vested in the president. Such powers can be deployed arbitrarily as we have seen throughout the life of the fourth republic.

If you resort to violence, the EC will go ahead to register. The police will give them protection. Even if one million people register – they will vote and declare Nana Akufo-Addo winner in December. And you may not make any headway in the Supreme Court.

Fear of political violence soars in Sierra Leone - Ghana Center for Democratic Development
Political violence won’t help the NDC

When you boycotted the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election, you only made it easier for the mistress of the late MP to take that seat. In parliament, you screamed all manner of names and slogans but she’s the MP.

So, if you lose this case, do as the NPP did in 2016. The NPP’s leaders and members were spitting venom, fire, and brimstone in opposition. They threatened violence when the EC was not yielding to their demand for a new register. For instance, the NPP’s youth organiser, Sammi Awuku, wrote this on Facebook on October 30, 2015:

“By her posture and utterances, the EC boss is setting the stage to deny the youth and the people of Ghana a new and credible voters register for the 2016 elections. We will not sit down for our future to be toyed with. The cost of a new credible voters register is cheaper than the cost of violence. Guess its [sic] time for the Youth to Arise! We cannot afford to fail the masses in 2016. Youth Revolution imminent.”

Others also made such dangerous utterances,  but because John Mahama’s posture was to not to crush those with dissenting views, we did not see police invitations in 2016 like we are seeing today. The likes of Bernard Mornah are invited for words that are nowhere near the threats by Sammi Awuku and the like.

Perhaps, the police under this administration are rising up to their duties and it is my prayer that, going forward such reckless statements from anybody should be treated with same speed and dispatch by the Police.

In 2016, when the NPP failed to get what they wanted by way of electoral reforms, they went to work and won massively with the same register they despised. Learn from them.

Another reason you should not resort to violence is that you have everything to lose, while some of those urging you on have nothing to lose. People like Bernard Mornah have nothing to lose. He and the PNC as well as the so-called smaller parties are like the crabs who led animals in the forest to destroy the vaccine for headache because they had issues with the medical team.

When the epidemic struck finally, the crabs were not affected because they had no heads. The other animals realised they shouldn’t have followed the crabs, but it was too late.

Voter registration: CID invites Bernard Mornah over alleged threats against EC - Otec 102.9 FM
PNC Chairman, Bernard Mornah

The PNC and the rest have nothing to lose in this election, but you do. The only reason you may want to resort to violence, (and even that would not be justifiable under our laws) is if you don’t want to participate in the December polls. But I’m not sure that’s what you want.

That’s not all. The type of leadership Ghanaians witnessed in the administration of John Mahama and the NDC cannot be a reason to spill blood.

“What aaaa” are you coming to do that people must die to bring you back. The power?The positions? The  The V8s? The contracts? Name them!

It is true that some Ghanaians have been scammed into believing in the accolades showered on then-candidate Akufo-Addo. Some Ghanaians, including me, think that the current President is not any different from the rest.

Those of us who believed he was the messiah to transform this nation and restore sanity have been greatly disappointed. But the agonizing question is: what is the alternative? We know the angel. We know the devil. And we now know that the devil you know is not better than the angel you don’t know.

Until Ghana gets an honest and selfless president who can help heal our land and transform the fortunes of its miserable masses, we must, at least, endeavour to keep the nation in one piece. We should not rebuild from refugee camps. So spare us the threat of violence.

What you the NDC should know is that all is not lost. The odds favour the NPP in this election, but they don’t have to be complacent. You the NDC can pull a surprise. It’s possible.

Voters like me who were apostles of the messianic Akufo-Addo are ashamed of what we are seeing. We are still asking whether there is a reason to queue and vote. Compiling a new register in this raging pandemic has made our task even more difficult.

I don’t know how many we are, but I know a good number of disappointed floating voters are gutted. If we don’t vote in 2020, you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you who loses and who gains. If someone voted John Mahama in 2016, there wouldn’t be a strong reason not to vote for him in 2020.

From what I see, the NPP is likely to lose a number of parliamentary seats – the fragile seats it snatched from the NDC because of the incumbency curse. The NPP’s own internal autocratic nature in recent times has not helped and will not help its parliamentary fortunes in December.

So, the NDC cannot be written off completely. And you should not write yourselves off by resorting to violence. If you muddy the electoral waters, the governing NPP will gladly fish at your expense.

Go out there and educate your supporters. Even if the current voter ID card is not accepted, help them to maximise the guarantor system of registration.

Get out there and tell Ghanaians your message. Tell Ghanaians how the “yentie obia” regime of the Mahama we know could be different. Tell us how you’re going to stop the looting of state resources.

Convince the disappointed voter who endorsed Nana Akufo-Addo in 2016 why you are a better option. Show them how they would lose if they don’t vote at all.

In 2016, you let your guard down. You had no means of challenging the final results because with all the resources you had, you did not put in the right systems to be able to track the results and do your own tabulations. I know this for a fact.

Tell us what lessons opposition has taught you. Show us you’re wiser now, for you cannot catch a witch with empty hands even if your biceps are thicker than the trunks of mature mahogany trees.

8 probable candidates who can Mahama's running mate ▷ YEN.COM.GH
The faces that have popped up as Mahama’s potential running mate

Above all, tell us who John Mahama’s running mate is. We have less than six months to the election. Don’t give us the impression that the unknown bride is too ugly to be outdoored in daylight for scrutiny.

Don’t give us the impression that you’re waiting to surprise the horny groom in a “dumsor” night because a charged manhood has no eyes.

Some of us have lost our libidinal urge in this trial and error, winner-takes-all, and wealth-amassing experiment we call democracy.

I hope you listen and act with tact and wisdom.

Yours sincerely,

Manasseh Azure Awuni

(A Ghanaian who loves his country but no longer believes his votes is his power).

The writer, Manasseh Azure Awuni, is a freelance investigative journalist and editorial consultant for theghanareport.com. His views do not reflect the editorial opinion of the news portal.


  1. Anonymous says

    So much wisdom expressed in the write up. It is worth of all the populace of the beloved country to consider. Thanks a lot Manasseh!

    1. Rockson Nteh says

      Very insightful article
      I wish you could write same letter to Npp
      Violence can’t be replacement for being bitter

      1. Sapaku Gaou says

        Very objective commentary. I know the Npp leaders will be reading this too.

    2. Richard Maglo says

      Well said my brother ,i have learnt a lot from you .A word to a wise is enough. Thanks

    3. Charles says

      This guy is a good writer omg, I haven’t red any full book like this and enjoyed reading this guy is a smart guy. Well done

  2. Prince Henry Koforidua says

    Very magnifying and sensational piece
    I am enthusiastically in love with the write up, but I can assure you that there shall be no new register but limited registration.

    1. Anonymous says

      Well said, a word to a wise is enough 🙏🙏🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️

      1. Delali Yeboah.(Ho.) says

        Well articulated…full of wisdom.. worth applying…l hope we all take a cue from it….Thanks!

  3. El Mensah says

    Wow i love this folder

  4. Anonymous says

    Very deep sir, I just hope
    NDC will read this

    1. Turbo from Sunyani says

      Probably the wisest advice I’ve read
      May God grant you more wisdom

  5. Prof Benevolent says

    Manasseh, you are spot on with your write up. I’m also a disappointed floating voter who has lost the desire to vote. No matter what the EC does, violence is not an option.

    1. Isaac says

      Why won’t you be disappointed? Too much expectations

  6. Zakaria Abdul Haalik says

    You couldn’t have put it in anyway better.so much wisdom.

  7. WONDER YAO says

    Nice and balanced piece.

    1. Maxwell Soul says

      Very good write up. A balanced one for that matter. Apt!

  8. Anonymous says

    God bless you bro, I keep wondering how we can make people like you our president?
    How I wish❤❤❤

  9. Yaashenaa Gangani says

    You’re a critical thinker and u succinctly put it in perspective .

  10. Adjewoda K. Francois says

    Advice well taken. We shall do our best to put into work the thoughts you shared. And with God on our side victory is ours for the taken. Thanks for your good work.

  11. Naa Koshie says

    Well elaborated!
    All we must do collectively is to safeguard the peace we enjoy as a nation. Violence is not an option no matter what happens 🙏

  12. David says

    Full of Wisdom, God bless you Mr. Manasseh for the good work you are doing for mother Ghana.

  13. Naatey Dorgbey says

    Will they listen politicians and voters

  14. Anonymous says

    You have said it all. Let those who have ears listen.

    1. Anonymous says

      U had ur prediction right, just pray u are not invited to the C..D, for questioning, let me hide before, am called.🤒🤒🤕🤕

  15. Anonymous says

    You’ve said all.He that have ears,let them listen.

  16. Anonymous says

    I am highly impressed.
    This is full of wisdom. God bless you.

    1. Anonymous says

      You’re an epitomy of wisdom. I bless the day you were born

      1. Anonymous says

        Very good write up but please and please, can you write same to the npp or you dey fear?

  17. Jason says

    A very good write up. Straight to the point and saying it as it is. My party sometimes wants me to believe Manasseh lies against them, but my mind tells me he’s very objective and clean.

  18. Anonymous says

    So much wisdom, God bless you for putting this great piece together to educate Ghanaians

  19. Anonymous says

    I believe the NDC as a political party will take this advise

  20. Prince says

    Such a great wisdom. You have said everything

  21. akwasi gyamfi says

    this piece is a full stop!

  22. Bentum Bannor says

    Great piece Manasseh. I believe this views you have expressed, though i don’t agree with you on all the assertion, the NDC should start picking up the pieces and relay it’s support base to recapture power from this deceitful ando super incompetent president. I believe the grounds are very fertile for JDM to election 2020

  23. Anonymous says

    Very insightful.

  24. Anonymous says

    Great piece full of wisdom. Am a floating voter and I am not even going for the new card. I am just tired of the lies and wealth grabbing by our leaders.

  25. GBEVUNATIVE says

    Some of your lines are politically bias. Some of us we are not into politics but if you’re writing for the public to read, try to be neutral. Keep doing the good work but don’t let politics tarnish your image.

    1. Anonymous says

      Well… Just say that some of his lines does not favour you. Or what is your definition of bias ?

  26. Anonymous says

    Great writer up, full of unbiased wisdom.

  27. Anonymous says

    Thank you, just curious, if you will, when someone says the cost is a new voter register is cheaper than violence, how do you interpret that. Is it possible that that person will go for the expensive?

  28. Bright says

    I love this write up

  29. Anonymous says

    Wow spot on!!! Excellent piece of writing. Keep it up

  30. Anonymous says

    I want to be Manasseh

  31. Abdul+Basit says

    Wow what a great piece. I’m grateful

  32. Kwasi says

    Very good food for thought, laced with so much wisdom. But something must be done about this very dangerous kind of democracy we’re practising, else we may not be lucky one of these days.

  33. Anonymous says

    What a Wooow, Great piece full of wisdom. Love this Bongo boy Who is groomed and taught by a Dagaati teacher. Bless you.

  34. Anonymous says

    Good wisdom every NDC member must re

  35. Anonymous says

    Great piece Manasseh.
    God bless you for your thoughts on this national issue. We need more thoughts leaders like you in Ghana.
    I suggest you take a turn now to the NPP should the balance of justice tilted towards the position of the NDC at the Supreme Court.

  36. Anonymous says

    Thanks so much for ur wisdom

  37. Raja says

    All I can say is God increases your wisdom bro.

  38. Anonymous says

    I do love this article .keep it up

  39. Gershon+Amenyitor says

    I don’t even know how to represent my words. You have shown maturity and cleverness and masterpiece of sense. I think this writing is worth pondering about.
    We in the NDC, if we lose in in court case shall marshal our strength to preach our policies to the electorate and the citizens of Ghana. And we will not resort to violence because we love ourselves and we love Ghana. We are the socialist and development and peace are hallmark.
    Thank you Manasseh.

    1. Anonymous says

      Thank you for your nice piece. May I say that I am completely highly disappointed in the NPP. I never thought the country was going to be managed in this way. A party which critisized almost everyyhing done by the NDC. I am of the firm believe that the supreme court will come out with a good judgement to stabelise the country. I urge all NDC official to remain calm but double there efforts in orgonizational activities.

  40. Anonymous says

    Great one there! Thanks bro for the advice . I hope the NDC listen

  41. Michael says

    i love the write up.But what will you do mannasseh,when you hear members of the npp saying,when they change the register,it will put ndc in perpetual opposition.you cant sit and watch that happen.the right thing just must be done.will be grateful if you can write a version to the npp as well.what akuffo addo wants to do is make Ghana a one party state. this should be a cause of worry to all well meaning Ghanaians.

    1. Anonymous says

      NDC did same when they were in power. … Only the citizens can save Ghana. Let us stop eating our own development. Mahama used state resources buying cars for chiefs and other people. Akufo Addo used our money for Free education and exhausted all our resources. The green book exposed John Maham …. Tell him (Mahama) not to give us green book again because we have eyes and ears. We are waiting for Akufo Addo green book…

  42. Suleman Arimeyaw(Ali fobia) says

    Knowledge is power, too much wisdom. I hope they listen.

  43. Isaac Ossom Sackey says

    Great piece full of wisdom. The NDC has everything to lose if they fail to act correctly. Violence is no, must not and can never be an action. I hope all political activists especially members and sympathisers of the NDC read and draw serious lessons from this wonderful piece.

  44. Ananzia Zakari says

    Wisdom indeed!

  45. Anonymous says

    Great piece of advice that will help mother Ghana if taken.

  46. Anonymous says

    The floating voters are many I assure you , 🙏🔥

  47. Anonymous says

    Manasseh will always Write with wisdom. He cares not whether you are ruling party or opposition party. He is always with the truth.

  48. Anonymous says

    Well put out

  49. KamalDeen says

    Well put out

  50. Anonymous says

    Spot on

  51. A Ghanaian citizen says

    Very refreshing my brother. Ghana has grown so well in democracy and fully deserved to be upheld as such. The only problem affecting Ghanaians including you is the nursing of the ” Culture of Silence” style of governance as well as the autocracy . Well, for how long will these unhealthy acts last? Ghana is bigger than a political party. Congrats, my brother once again.

  52. Anna Galley says

    Very insightful article. Thank you, Manasseh


    Wow, very deep. Please advice the Npp as well for it takes two to tango.

    1. Anonymous says

      Good work done bro, but would they even listen? As the leader ( Mahama ) is desperately looking for Power and b’cuz of that he’s seriously preaching Violence when get the opportunity.

  54. Anonymous says

    Very good insights and observations but very skewed on the subject of violence. Are you saying you didn’t hear some leaders and communicators of the ruling party threatening to visit mayhem upon certain persons more than what they gave them during the Ayawaso by-election? Sometimes we should try to be a little objective no matter what

  55. Worlanyo Tibu says

    It isn’t surprising that the NPP is arresting people with the slightest opposition to the shenanigans of the government. But thing is the NDC won’t fall into their game plan.

  56. Japheth Adesi says

    I sincerely see this as one of the best of the folders you’ve scriptured, this is more of peace preaching than selective castigation. I hope a lot more read and digest this. Thanks.

  57. Anonymous says

    Great and insightful write full of wisdom

  58. Kofi Kukubor says

    This piece is so succinct and precise that it hit the nail right on the head. Politicians will always be politicians. Majority of them do not think outside the box! How can brimstone and fire win an election? That is the shortsightedness of the kind of politicians we have. Those fanning the flames of discord only think about themselves and their immediate family members. This is what the rank and file must read into! They should remember Rwanda and let peace reign. Thank you for constantly reminding us of the dangers of violence in politics. Have a restful night my brother.

  59. Anareme Denis Atindana Rye says

    Well done bro

  60. Mawuli Ablana says

    Thump up big bro …..very insightful write up

  61. Anonymous says

    This Manasseh guy the least said the better….. I continue to wish you more wisdoms from the realms of heaven

  62. Kofi Rhule Gaisie says

    This gentleman can write

  63. Anonymous says

    Very profound. Truth be told, NDC have a lot to do to win the 2020 election as you rightly mentioned. I believe with proper modalities in place, they’ll win. Ghana is bleeding 🩸

  64. Clement says

    Wooooow!!!! Blessings my brother.
    You can read this great piece over and over again without getting tired.
    I wish all politicians will read this.

  65. Clement says

    Wisdom paa nie.

  66. Justice Marfo says

    Balanced diet..lol…

  67. George says

    Thank You Manasseh.

  68. Anonymous says

    Refreshing piece

  69. Anonymous says

    Charlie you be too much!

  70. Anonymous says

    Perfect and timely article. Ghana is for everyone of us and there is another opportunity in case NDC loses this election.
    Perpetuating violence will put you in opposition for forever.

  71. Anonymous says

    Very fantastic brainy work.

    1. Anonymous says

      Best of the best Manasseh.wisdom in the write up.

  72. Edward K Amanor send says

    The objectivity of this article cannot be overemphasized. You have really shown that you have matured as a writer even though sometimes you skew. Its been a long time since I read a piece like this. I love 😍 the proverb of the crab and we all must be guided by it. Kudos Manaseh

  73. Mubiq says

    Well said Manasseh. Violence is never the way

  74. Snr.Eben says

    You have set the pace for the NDC to focus on floating voters. Indeed, it will be quiet impossible for people who voted for the NDC in 2016, to vote against JM in 2020. It is however highly possible for those who voted for the NPP on the account of the High Hopes they had in the party’s presidential candidate, and have been disappointed, either to refuse to vote at all, or vote against him in 2020. No one could express hope, more than you have done. God bless you.

  75. Turbo from Sunyani says

    Probably the wisest advice I’ve read
    May God grant you more wisdom

  76. George says

    Impressive. The write-up is very insightful

  77. Anonymous says

    Manasseh is a good writer. The NDC will take your advice in good faith.

  78. Anonymous says

    Manasseh is a good writer. The NDC will take your advice in good faith.

  79. Maxwell Soul says

    Very good write up. A balanced one for that matter. Apt!

  80. Anonymous says

    Time will tell..

  81. Ghanaba says

    Honestly I couldn’t control my ties reading this folder, you are highly favoured with deep wisdom may you leave long

  82. Anonymous says

    Thank you and God bless …. Your write up is full of thought bit it seems you hiding behind iroko tree. NDC should not that J.J statement is the hiding true in Ghana. ” We never won election…. These are words of J.J) don’t forget that, J.J and Akufo Addo are in family relationship. So, how J.J (NDC) won elections was given to Akufo Addo… Let our president have full concentration to govern the nation.. Mahama (NDC) governed for 8 years … So shall Nana … Then after 8 years we (floating voters ) will decide. We aren’t fed-up yet until 8 years.

  83. Anonymous says

    Mr Awuni you are a man of substance. May Allah protect you

  84. Anonymous says

    My issue is we are spending so much putting a national id in place. Why cant we use the national ID for voting instead of getting new register. The data is safe (we are told) and is available. Therefore why can it not be shared with the EC

  85. Vincent Kevins says

    A piece with wit! Keep up!

  86. Anonymous says

    Both are more than the devil, but ty thank God we have now seen who the good and bad devil is.
    Manasseh, all I ask for you is wisdom from God.
    Insightful is understatement to describe your articles. Bless.

  87. Benjamin Azieve says

    Both are more than the devil, but ty thank God we have now seen who the good and bad devil is.
    Manasseh, all I ask for you is wisdom from God.
    Insightful is understatement to describe your articles. Bless.

  88. Anonymous says

    Thanks my brother, you’re a brain box.These are two (2) Schools of thought.Face Validity and Content Validity.Weigh and pick one.
    No one shows a Child an Elephant.
    Be WISE!

  89. Marking Scheme says

    Nice piece

  90. Abdallah Ziblim says

    I pray that every Ghanaian will read and act from the wisdom you have shared here. Ghana will Win at the End.

  91. Douglas Awuku says

    This is unbiased and insightful.

  92. design tiles says

    Ꮋeⅼlo colleagues, itѕ impressive post гegarding tutoringand entirelʏ explained, keep it
    up aⅼl the timе.

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