MANASSEH’S FOLDER: The tears that wiped Akufo-Addo’s “great” speech

When they say a prophet has no honour in his own home, it means one of two things. It means the prophet is either underrated and not accorded the needed recognition in his own home. It can also mean that the prophet is worse at home than whom outsiders know him to be.

A man who brags about how lavishly he provides for his family would create the impression of a caring man and earn the praise of outsiders. If in reality he shirks responsibilities at home, however, his wife and children who are victims of his irresponsibility may not respect him like the outsiders who do not know his true character.

That may explain why President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s lockdown speech may be echoing around the world, but some at home are worried about the lockdown measures beyond the rhetoric.

Before the president announced the lockdown of Accra, Kumasi and the Kasoa enclave, he told the TUC that one of the reasons the government was hesitant about the lockdown was the plight of many Ghanaians. These are the daily wage working class, those who survive from one day to the other based on what they get each day.

You may have encountered a street hawker at night in traffic begging you to buy something from him or her, otherwise, he or she would starve.

You may have also bought goods, especially in the Central Business District of Accra, and while you’re wondering aloud how to get those heavy goods into your vehicle at Rawlings Park, the seller shouts, “Hey, Kayayo, come here!”

A young lady, about the age of your teenage daughter, would most likely appear with a malnourished baby strapped to her sweaty back. She may not know the father of the baby because many of them suffer sexual assault, and it’s normal to let go because of the stigma of letting out the news. Some also shut up because they have no hope of ever getting justice. Some don’t even know there is justice for them.

When this unfortunate young woman gets to your car, sweating more profusely from the blistering heat of the sun and with her neck almost lost from the weight of the goods she carried for you, it’s time to part ways. If you ask how much she is charging you for her service, she will tell you, “Whatever you give me.”

Some give them 50 pesewas or one cedi. Once in a while, they meet generous people who give them five cedis or more.

If you have not witnessed the two scenarios above, you probably may have seen a young man at Adenta Housing Down pulling a truck and scavenging for scrap metals. He set off at dawn from Agbogbloshie and, on a bad day, he may return at dusk with nothing, hoping tomorrow would bring with it good luck.

If you have not encountered these, then know that some of the shop attendants and factory hands and chop bar workers survive on their daily wages.

To stay for two weeks without working because the markets are empty for the kayayei or the roads are empty for hawkers in traffic or the shops and chop bars are closed to their attendants, will mean starvation.

So President Akufo-Addo was right when he said such people would be greatly affected.

So what provision did he, as the President of the Republic of Ghana, make for them in the “great” speech when he declared the lockdown?

The answer is, nothing. He did not make any provision for them. And it’s not new because such people don’t matter to the state.

The only time we truly acknowledge their existence and their importance is when the politician wants their votes. Even when we set up initiatives like SADA and GYEEDA in their names, we only use that to create businesses like rLG and Zoomlion. We give 45,000 of such poor people to Zoomlion to supervise to sweep the streets. The government pays them through Zoomlion, 500 cedis per person. But the contract says Zoomlion should pay them 100 cedis (20%) and keep 400 cedis (80%) as management fees.

That’s how cruel we have always been to the unfortunate among us.

The president did not acknowledge the existence of the poor wage earners and the homeless and how they were going to survive the two weeks, which might sound like two decades to someone whose next meal depends on the following day’s sales at Fiesta Royale traffic light.

Instead, soldiers and police were deployed into the streets to enforce the lockdown. The streets, especially those in the central business district of the capital, are the homes of the homeless. Driven by survival instincts, they started moving to their villages in droves, where they could also “stay at home”.

Since Ghana recorded its Covid-19 case, inter-city transport business dwindled. People travelled less for the fear of contracting the virus. Two days to the lockdown, officials at the VIP bus terminal said it used to have 50 trips to Kumasi in a day, but that reduced to only three buses.

When the lockdown was announced, the stations got busy and suddenly there was a shortage of buses. People, mainly the homeless who were struggling to survive, were returning to their villages all over the country.

Last night, I watched a harrowing news item on JoyNews. A truck carrying goods and covered with tarpaulin was intercepted at Ejisu in the Ashanti Region. When it was opened, young women with their children were packed in-between the goods in a manner that is not dignified and safe for animals, even without an infectious disease outbreak.

Kayayei packed as goods bound for North

They said they were head porters or “kayayei” from Accra. They often plied their trade in the markets and slept in the open at Tema Station or the CMB area at night. They had been asked to stay at home. But they had no homes.

They often mixed with the thousands who visit the central business district of Accra during the day, and in the night when their bones are aching with tiredness, the concrete pavement of Tema station becomes their comforting pillows.

In the lockdown, however, they have no homes to stay and could not obey if they remained in Accra. They could not get buses to escape before the lockdown set in, so they had to go in a cargo truck.

Two cargo truckloads of “kayayei” were also intercepted in Nkawkaw in the Eastern Region heading to the north.

They also said they barely survived, and staying for the two-week period of lockdown without working would cause starvation among some of them.

The Ejisu Municipal Chief Executive, Beatrice Serwaah-Derkyi, who spoke to JoyNews said she ordered that the cargo truck send them back to Accra.

Knowing the reality of their fears for which they were escaping from Accra, the young women were in tears, but those tears could not get them sympathetic ears.

I don’t have a problem with the lockdown or asking people to obey, but the government must put in steps to mitigate the suffering of the those caught up in it.

On social media, some people were insulting them for risking their lives and putting the lives of others at risk.

But if those insulting them disembarked from their high horses of privilege, and paused from Netflix or DSTV to ponder, they would realise that these are people who have been let down by the state. Those insulting them claimed they were putting the lives of others at risk because they were spreading the virus. But who is actually risking whose lives, the rich or the poor?

These poor people were “sitting their somewhere” and the rich who travelled to China and Britain and America and other places around the world returned with their lungs full of a toxic virus. They are now asked to pay dearly with no support systems.

For the hungry and the homeless, something worse than coronavirus is pursuing them. If a poisonous snake and a lion are approaching you from different directions, it is better to run towards the snake. You might survive a snake bite with some potent herbs, but no one has ever survived after becoming the meal for the lion. Even the Biblical Jonah couldn’t have.

So Akufo-Addo may have given a great speech. But our elders were right. No matter how sweet words are, they do not take the place of food. Some countries and their presidents have not given great speeches, but they are taking care of the poor and vulnerable, housing them in dignified structures and feeding them.

Candidate Akufo-Addo promised to build them a hostel, but he is almost ending his term but no single block has been laid.

These “kayayei” are mostly illiterate and may not have understood the sweet English their president spoke. But the tears they shed would certainly wipe any picture of a great speech which their interpreter may have painted to them when the president spoke.

To a man who is hungry, the speech of his leader can never be great if it fails to mention food for him. It’s an empty speech.

The Writer, Manasseh Azure Awuni, is a freelance journalist and editorial consultant for theghanareport.com. He can be reached through azureachebe2@yahoo.com. Views expressed in this article are his personal opinion and do not represent the view of this portal.

  1. Akuffo Addo says

    I did not enjoy reading this article at all. it is too winding and not straight to the point. You have written about GEEDA and SADA, Zoomlion and rlG, bringing them here is like writing a compendium. You ended up not giving a single reason why we didn’t appreciate his plagiarized speech. Empty speech which has become his stock in trade. remember the $100m?

    1. Daakye Hene says

      Do you know de reason why u didn’t see anything from the article is simple because u are believer but not a thinker,with all due respect read the article ones again and think, don’t be offended

      1. Anonymous says

        You did not see anything because you are not a Kayaye, also because you refused to think right, you are moved by luxury. Ghana is 60+ years, perhaps bigger and older than your 100m. Go back to sleep, wake up and let your pillow speak to you.

      2. Anonymous says


        1. Anonymous says

          I did enjoy reading the article even though I notice it is short on solutions to the problem he discusses. It must be noted however that the President in the speech had asked the Minister of Finance to present a plan for taking care of the vulnerable and the affected businesses. We must be fair in our presentations as journalists.

          1. Augustine K Bayuo says

            If that was the case, “why put the cart before the horse?” Couldn’t the president wait for the plan from the finance minister to at least use that as part of his plan for the shutdown? That’s the reason why some of us agree with Azure.

          2. Emma R. S. Basir says

            The plan should have been ready before implementing the lockdown. Though I understand your views, putting myself in the kayaye’s shoes, all this English equals zero if I don’t get food.

          3. Anonymous says

            So what was the plan put in place if I may ask because we need to be serious in this country

      3. Anonymous says

        Great write-up, dear. Trust me, I couldn’t help but sherd tears after reading the article. For the rich and some politicians, less privileged are just objects meant for them to use to achieve their selfish ambitions.

    2. Anonymous says

      You obviously read the article with wooden spectacles

      1. Anonymous says

        How do you expect someone who has not even used public transport before to understand plights of street hawkers. He just said all those things for public admiration, he didn’t have any strategy to support these homeless people. This is the leadership understand which we find ourselves. God help us all

      2. Stephen says

        I supported the lock down from day one and taught provisions would be made for these people. I never expected this “I don’t care” attitude towards the common Ghanaian.

        1. kamara says

          I strongly believe if provisions was made pilitics would have prevented it from reaching those who truly deserve it. Politicians will have taken the better part or better still hide it and wait to use it for their polical gains. I trust no one again, even those of you who just jump on a bangwagon and try to discredit others and portray yourselves as angels are worse off.

    3. Awuni Clement says

      Maybe, u did not understand the plight of the affected

    4. Kofi says

      Funny how people think the GYEDAA should not have been mentioned but “plagiarism” should have

      1. Anonymous says

        Azure is a writer. He has made me wept this early morning.
        Let’s help the poor. This is the time they need help

    5. Anonymous says

      He has refused to understand him just like the president and his appointees

    6. Anonymous says

      We are talking about problems facing vulnerable people in our society and you are talking about enjoying the article? Get some romantic novels and read we hope you can enjoy that one

    7. Ako-Am says

      Here we are housing people in five star hotels who could probably afford to pay for all these costs we are spending on them for free all in the name of “mandatory quarantine”. Where as a simple hostel and three square meals for only two weeks for these kayayes could have made a huge difference. God help us all.

    8. Kweku says

      Then read again without any political lens

      1. Yaw Maxwell. says

        Hatred has taken the better part of you!

        Those people said they do not have any place of abode. The question is, where do they sleep? And where they sleep, has someone ejected them?
        What kind of provision do you want the government to provide for them? You wrote plenty without giving just one suggestion mpo.

        Who told you that, that singular stupid move by those people has wiped away the great speech made by the President? Your thinking wai.

        Everything about what you wrote clearly depicts that you are bruised by the many wonderful commendations pouring in from elsewhere in the world about the great speech and how the President and the nation is putting things together to fight the Covid-19.

        Hatred is making you think this way. Hatred! Hatred!! Hatred!!
        Because the President didn’t collapse the businesses of Jospong and zoomlion, the President and the NPP has become something else in your eyes. What kind of mentality is that?

        1. Kofi says

          Ahh, really , after reading through Your long easy comment , you didn’t even say a meaningful thing. After the great speech of the president, what are the measures that were put in place for the homeless, less privileged, the extremely poor ?, that’s the article is talking about , u are just blind to the reality and you were carried away by the so called great speech

        2. HardTruth says

          Yaw Maxwell, Indeed your message is from a very weak mindset.. You need to read the article with a clean heart.. If you know what we call #HandToMouth way of surviving, you wouldn’t have written this weak reply.. You are on lockdown with access to Electricity and probably waiting for Money Heist to release their latest on Netflix with some chilled Aircondition. My friend good living sometimes makes men think abnormal.. You or your descendants need to become like the Kayeye for sometime and experience the hardship in it.. #Azure keep up the good work..

        3. Dr Abby Efua Hilson says

          There is no country in the world today that has found a silver bullet to this crisis. It may seem difficult to appreciate a choice of life over economics until you or a loved one contracts Covid 19 and dies alone. There is an informal sector in every country and those in that sector are struggling as a result of the lockdown. This is happening even in so called developed economies. Manasseh, the people you spend all these words on would have benefited better from you using all that time and energy to raise funds to support them. Someone commented that he cried when he read your article. Where has he been all this while when street vendors have been sleeping in front of shops in all areas of Accra? Let us stop the hypocrisy and find solutions. Where there is life, there is a way. Use your life and words to solve instead of creating problems.

    9. Anonymous says

      Where is that $100 million? What allocation has been made for these people for food or shelter?

    10. Anonymous says

      I humbly advice you read the article again…it is the bitter truth..

      1. Anonymous says

        Great speeches don’t put food on the table. Does Akufo Addo know about poverty. He doesn’t want to spend a pesewa on this pandemic, he is only thinking about election. How can you be promising your future salary when your children are at the point of death. Are you going to use the money for their funeral or what. I hate the woman who sent the girls back to Accra, she should have allowed them go to their hometowns, who said kayayei are the carriers of the virus. Is there any kayayo among those being quarantined. Their importance will emerge in December, God willing. You Manaseh Azure I urge you keep quiet, it is this same good speech that made you sold your energetic and visionary brother, John Mahama for an old vision less superimconptent Braggart.

    11. Anonymous says

      Akuffo Addo please and please for the “laziness” in reading the article, am not surprised with this your “empty” head comment. So your Infor. Min. told that the USD$100m is meant for the affected people and these “kayayei’s” people eeeerrrr. Then I pity you paaaa

    12. Senam says

      Great speech wont put food on our tables ,be a citizen not a spectacular.we need actions not empty promises.Mr Azzure May you live long!! I wish these kayayie’s could read this article so in the coming elections they take a wise decision

    13. Anonymous says

      It’s a great piece sir. May be party colors has clouded your sense of judgement

    14. Anonymous says

      After extant review of the comments, I would like to contribute by saying Leaders are people who do what the thinkers will see not necessarily those who speak what is pleasing to the believers(who are brainwashed).

  2. Daakye Hene says

    I think I like ur write,I was saying the same here, this sweet speech is neededless, this time isn’t a time for talking but a time for doing but our leaders don’t see it dat way simple because them and colleagues are on the right spot so don’t care about the ordinary people no not at all,but one thing I believe in it is that someday they will pay dearly for it either here or there

  3. Nana Yaw Adonis says

    “For someone who is hungry, the speech of his leader can never be great if it fails to mention food for him. It’s an empty speech.”.. Manasseh Azure Awuni.
    Well said bro. God bless you. The State has failed us

    1. Seidu Abukari says

      God richly bless you. Your write up got tears rolling down my cheeks. Our leaders have let us down

    2. Joseph says

      I really really nearly shed tears after reading this article,though i have seen the videos and pictures of this Ghanaians who are not different from any of us not getting any help from our politicians.
      It doesn’t cost the earth to help these our brothers and sisters and dignified transport could have been made available for them and small package on each seat to help them get where ever they going.

  4. Anonymous says

    Wise words. Always, apt!

  5. Musah says

    Mannaseh, mannaseh…..a great writer u are

  6. DA says

    Greater Speech!!
    For someone who is hungry, the speech of his leader can never be great if it fails to mention food for him. It’s an empty speech.

  7. Anonymous says

    Well written write up. Thanks

  8. Raymond says

    Hmmm, God indeed is our provider. The state has failed us. I share in their story

  9. Anonymous says

    A piece to ponder over

  10. Anonymous says

    It is unfortunate that the MCE of Ejisu chose the easiest option, like politicians always do, by asking the driver to send them to Accra because she did not have any where to house them. So she did the simplest thing of washing her hands off them not caring what happens to them back in Accra. She could not use her initiative of allowing them to go to places they can call home. Clueless leaders chopping our taxes nyafo nysfo. God is watching. let me wash my

  11. Anonymous says

    Nice observation by Awuni but the truth is that whatever action the president took will definitely hurt someone.

  12. Paa Kofi Koomson says

    Started shedding tears after reading your article.. my country Ghana is has been blessed with everything yet we still beg for everything.. may God help us .

  13. Anonymous says

    Would Manasseh have preferred that the President allow the kayaye and manual workers to carry on as normal, giving Corona virus free reign to sweep across Ghana and wipe away our people? It would be nice if it was possible for government to hand out cheques to every needy Ghanaian, or to share food to the needy in the communities. This is a logistical nightmare, even to contemplate. We don’t have the structures to support such undertakings. I believe that in such a situation, opinion leaders, religious leaders and ordinary people should ride up and take responsibility, probably at community level. This is the time to be each other’s keeper. Much as I agree that it is Manasseh’s right as a journalist to seek to keep government on it’s toes, I think it is more profitable for society if he seeks to help mobilize our people towards solving problems. Organizations like Occupy Ghana and quite a number of individuals have already started mobilizing money and resources. I think this is a more productive venture at this stage than a campaign of government bashing

    1. Vic says

      Common sense should have been used by the president. All schools and churches have been closed down. What prevented the president from housing them in these buildings and feeding them? Hasn’t he quarantined people in 5 star hotels and feeding them?

      1. Anonymous says

        Vic, government should open up all the schools, and use what buses to ferry the people in? Where do they get the food and water from? And what about soft items like soap and toilet paper? Get real, Vic. Such mobilization is best done by public spirited people. Occupy Ghana and others have taken the lead. People like Manasseh would be better advised working to help produce results, because government bashing is a very easy and at this critical stage doesn’t help anyone. Government has done the one crucial thing that was needed: stop the virus from wiping our people out.

      2. A sena Wala says

        When I saw a pic of them boarding the truck, chills ru down my spine and type “safe journey my sisters, Allah be with you. I can’t stop weeping.

    2. Anonymous says

      Well said

    3. Anonymous says

      Yup. This is just virtue signalling on his part. He just highlighted the well-known adage that you can’t please everyone. He’s just beating a dead horse we’ve all been beating for years now. The homeless were starving before corona and now is not the time to nitpick decisions by the president for such low hanging fruit

      1. HardTruth says

        When the construction of the roads doesn’t affect your walls, you say it’s straight! I hope you all know how much it cost to spend a night in a 5 star hotel! And the poor and suffering from something the so called Rich brought from their trips! Housing these people in Government schools while providing them with the necessary supplies which the government can do, would mean heaven to someone who have spent most nights outside sleeping by roadsides and infront of shops! ThinkHuman! Don’t be mistaken, these people were innocent hustling to survive.. Then your rich people from abroad brought in this pandemic! Corona doesn’t just travel by Airplanes, infected people travel with it!

    4. Kk says

      This is best response I have read so far.I hope Manasseh will take that into consideration and join the campaign to help. Nonetheless, the issues he raised cannot be brushed aside, but can be the reasons for others to come to the aid of the needy in these trying times

    5. Anonymous says

      What are the building’s of public schools lockdown doing empty it can house them till this pandemic is over

      1. HardTruth says

        Wise portion!

  14. TOGBE DOH I says

    Great write-up .
    But ruling a developing country is a very difficult endeavour.
    In the 1st place,the populace is indiscipline.2ndly the people around the leadership are determined to do deals to bring them undeserved wealth.
    It’s not easy Bro.

  15. Anonymous says

    well said bro. It is absolutely apolitical and I appreciate it. The president announced that money and food has been set aside to take care of the inconveniences of the lockdown and this includes unpaid workers and kayayes will definitely have to benefit from it the problem too is whether it will properly be distributed. Where they failed is accommodation facilities for them. I expected that pronouncement be made also to control prices of goods and services. This has serious implications on the economy.

    1. Anonymous says

      Good in writing, but never suggests any possible solution for the problems you write about. Most of us can clearly see the plight of these people, its not hidden at all. All we know is talking, analysis and long write ups issues but can’t propose lasting solutions.

      1. Anonymous says

        Yup. This article is as needless as the President’s speech. We know people are suffering and so does the president. Nitpicking a decision he made to protect everyone is the type of stuff we should avoid.

  16. Fiifi says

    I’ve always said hypocrisy in this country may be causing us than corruption. God bless you for your honesty and boldness to speak to the issues. I pray nothing compromises you.
    Let your conscience always guide you!!!!

  17. Anonymous says

    You have rightly said it bro!

  18. Anonymous says

    i have cried throughout reading this.even if we don’t have proper place to house them the classrooms are empty now.why can’t we keep them there.😭😭😭😭😭

  19. Anonymous says


    1. Anonymous says

      Exactly my point. 👍👍👍. I get so angry when I see some of these nonsense sort of posts. People thinking an over 30years old problem should be solved overnight as if the president is a supper magician.

      1. HardTruth says

        You should experience hardship like the Kayeye people and you wont see this post to be nonsense!

  20. Neil says

    A truly thought-provoking read. I can not even begin to imagine the agony of the kayayei and other street dwellers of Accra and Kumasi.

  21. ADJETEY. says

    I salute you my brother with your piece of narative on the plight of the poor and poorest. Honestly, our social protection systems have been exposed. The vulnerable persons need help and social understanding at this critical times.

  22. Peter MENSAH says

    Manasseh, well said but know he that in every war there are casualties and so is this Corona war. I hope our lawmakers will think thru this and find some solution. May we also eschew selfishness which is our major problem when a solution is prescribed.

  23. Neil says

    What you described, Manasseh, is a mark of the failure of the political class and many middle class people, who have it in their collective means, to create an environment that sustainably takes care of its citizens, to do so. True, there are a few who are trying hard to get the nation to work well for all but the majority are not interested in creating the Ghana that Ghanaians deserve. Surely, we can do better!!!

  24. Anonymous says

    These same kayayee pay tax everyday what about you Mr wise

  25. Eric says

    Our politicians have failed us and we the citizens to are not angry enough.

  26. Sammy speed says

    These same kayayee pay tax everyday what about you Mr wise,but for that heartless DCE you will reap what you have shown to the world.

  27. Alhaji says

    I am highly devastated about the plight of the my daughters – he kayaye found in the cargo truck. So where are they now? They should have been allowed to proceed home. The local health committee could quarantine them for the required period and tested before being allowed to go home. The least the government can do for them is to trace them, test them, bring them home, quarantine them and release those who can be released to go home to their families. These are full fledged Ghanaians with Constitutional rights‼️

  28. Anonymous says

    Nice article

  29. Jay says

    My Ghanaian citizenship has been on ebay for auction.It is low priced but nobody wants to buy it.There was a promise of 100 million dollars and sadly Kayaye have not been taken care of.

  30. Amuda Abdul Rashid says

    Wonderful piece from you. If others or all of us begin to question the actions and inactions of our politicians, then our beloved Ghana will be a heaven on Earth. Bravo

  31. Fredoline says

    Fredoline A good piece. U are indeed for the voiceless.l am proud of u for beeiing your mentor.Truly dis piece is devoid of partisanship

  32. Anonymous says

    This is so heart touching. Tears just dripping down my chin, we have failed our people, may the spirit of our ancestors save us.

  33. Anonymous says

    This politicians are cruel they never think about the poor but themselves, as you rightly said, a poor Ghanaian is sitting at his or her home, those who call themselves rich people travel outside the country and brought corona virus or China virus into the country. And Lock you down in addition hmmmmmmm God have mercy on them, truly punishment await them.

    1. Jangleman says

      I really enjoyed the article, you didn’t take size but you assumed their position and sounded like an opener. You are addition like a freedom fighter and a wilderness preacher. Kudos

      1. ATIIGA says

        The truth is always bitter, may God punish our leaders on their wickedness and selfish interest, and their inactiveness on the vulnerable

  34. Emmanuel Anabila says

    Manasseh Azure Awuni is indeed a true definition of journalism. You have well represented the less previliage in society and may God give you wisdom and beauty of heart to continue the good fight for humanity. I can forgive those greedy, selfish and wicked politicians who can not enjoy or make sense from this article. After all the wickedness and insensitivity of their hearts cannot allow them to do so.

  35. Anonymous says

    Indeed, great work manasse, Allah will reward u for showing love n care to the voiceless. But as for those who wants to defend the Akufo Addos government at all cost, even this confused, panic and reactionary things they are doing n yet these supporters have closed their eyes and thinking cup, still trying hard to chastised the writer mannasse, insha Allah, very soon it shall come to their turn n they will appreciate the value being truthful or fair. But Allah is there for everyone on this Earth because he brought us here and he is capable of taking care of us as well.

  36. Jangleman says

    I really enjoyed the article, you didn’t take size but you assumed their position and sounded like an opener. You are addition like a freedom fighter and a wilderness preacher. Kudos

  37. Joseph Andrew says

    Azure, you’re verily RIGHT ON POINT! I LOVE YOUR ARTICLE my Brother!
    God Bless You For Speaking your voicing out the BITTER TRUTH.

    1. Albert Naa says

      Manasseh, you have articulately captured it all. I even was of the view that the Accra and Kumasi sports studia would be used to house people like that and food, water and provisions for other basic amenities be made to see them through the lockdown. But as you said, it was all once again rhetoric. Fabulous speech, no substance

  38. Anonymous says

    Kudos … I appreciate your article because you speak the tears in the poor peoples eyes this period. I feel so touched because I always think for those people each day since I heard the lockdown humor. Thanks for speaking out and God bless you!

  39. Anonymous says

    Succinct. Thumbs up Manasseh

  40. Anonymous says

    Manasseh, thanks a lot for taking the onus to speak for the deprived and vulnerable. From all indication, no one anticipated this lockdown two months ago and it is enforced out of pressure. Our institutions and government have just been exposed and we need to go back to the table and think things through. God bless you

  41. Wofa Kwame says

    The most annoying and hurtful word I heard on radio today is to call our dear sisters “morons”..GOD YOU ARE NOT DEAD AND I KNOW YOU WILL NOT HEAR THE VOICE OF THOSE HABORING INIQUITIES IN THEIR HEART.But answer the prayers of our sisters and brothers.

  42. Anonymous says

    I think this jonourlist is just taking advantage to rubbish what the prez.has done,so the prez.shld allow the virus to spread and kill people before such action taking? Let me tell you’its better to starve and survive to leave the next day then to be killed by covid19′,

  43. Arimiyaw says

    At the end of the write up I felt pain and wsh that the who said he did not understand the write up should be practical subjected through all the narrations here to fully understand. Good bless you my brother.

  44. Nana Sei says

    Great piece, bro. I guess it was a difficult decision to take. Our system has not been set right by governments (Both). Thumbs-up Manasseh

  45. Michael says

    In Manasseh’s world, he is the only one who knows it all. He sees nothing good in people. Even in this trying times. Always having a political lens one. For once, in this difficult times, be objective and not just appeal to emotions of people with fabricated lies. Enough is enough.

    1. Anonymous says

      Well said. This article would’ve had the same effect whether the coronavirus existed or not. It’s as useless as it claims the president’s speech to be

    2. HardTruth says

      Once its in your favor, the game is good.. Greedy people.. We all want the best for everyone, not ourselves alone! You bring them closer when you want votes but push them back when you win! Selfishness! People wont be fooled forever! Their mothers might be fooled but their children will definitely learn! It wont always be like that..

  46. Lamisi says

    Hmm if there were five of Mr. Manasseh in Ghana, we would have been in a better position

  47. Anonymous says

    Can’t believe there are people here reacting like they are just now being made aware that there are kayayei in Ghana. This is a fluff article that is hinging on the seriousness of the situation to do some good old fashioned government-bashing. Anyone can highlights these problems. We all did social studies. Highlighting problems without proposing any realistic solution is what we were taught in school. Let’s stop applauding this stuff and ask for actual solutions.

    1. Anonymous says

      If you read well, you will find the solution. Besides, leaders where voted for to do exactly that.
      But in case you weren’t able to glean the solutions out, this is just a gist; The money used to pay luxurious hotels could have been diverted to take care of the vulnerable before any lockdown; In the case where these homeless and vulnerable got to their regions, they should not be turned back but be quarantined and provided with needed care.

  48. Anonymous says

    I like this part “These poor people were “sitting their somewhere” and the rich who travelled to China and Britain and America and other places around the world returned with their lungs full of a toxic virus. They are now asked to pay dearly with no support systems.” Unless we think of it this way, we will not see the picture clearly. Before you chastise these poor innocent souls, ask what fault of theirs was it that the virus got to Ghana. Should you blame your poor decisions on innocent souls?

  49. Korkuvi says

    So what prevented the president from making the plans ready before announcing the lockdown? Akuffo Addo is just an overhyped person. He is too empty to say the least.

  50. Anonymous says

    This reminds me of how truth is viewed, 1st is strongly opposed, 2nd is attacked and 3rd it becomes self evidence. You’ll surely be vilified for standing up for the truth. I Enjoy your article so much, my heart goes out to such individuals. God soon will restore the system where everyone will enjoy fruit of his labour.

  51. Anonymous says

    Meanwhile Peter Adom on Good Evening Ghana hailing praise on the president for attracting the international community.
    I have been angry throughout the day hearing people example journalists who could have be the mouthpiece of these vulnerable citizens instead they are heaping insults to worsen the already committed havoc. We have tertiary institutions in Accra which can accommodate these people for the period. Our leaders don’t want to think at all all what they know is power. Bro thanks for the write up.

  52. Yaw Asante says

    Empty thoughts with a lot of nonsense, with all your face saving sympathy for the vulnerable youth from the north, what was your solution when everything is over? Are you expecting them to go back to Accra/Kumasi to continue their kayaye trade? Manasseh enough of your crocodile tears and face saving bullshit. If all you want the President to do is to provide for this vulnerable people for the two weeks lockdown and afterwards they go back to do what they were doing before the lockdown then shut the fuck up because you not making any sense.

    1. Anonymous says

      Yaw Asante, I can see this comment came from an empty brain! People like you don’t deserve to be call human! Whether North or not, the fact is they are humans! Think Deep before writing.. Get some horny.. It might help you think well before writing foolishness here.. Keep the good work Azure.

  53. Lawson Akwarasey Ayelbia says

    Bham all is said

  54. Anonymous says

    Great piece and very factual. But as we blame the government for putting the cart before the horse we should not also forget that the last two days before the lock down was a bumper harvest for these kayeye looking at the number of people that trooped the markets. It could also account for their decision to stay in Accra and meet the lock down before attempting to leave. My tot

  55. Anonymous says

    All secondary schools are empty and under lock and key so thought the politicians were going to think for once for those facilities to be available to the street people to be use.
    Most of their concerns was good, water and sanitation which are readily available in our schools
    Where water is lacking, we could tax the military and the police to use their water tankers to draw water for them
    We could also use food from the buffer sticks meant to feed students to provide for them to save them from the unnecessary panic we put them through
    But this is what you if you appoint party boys instead of well trained people to help in government
    I hope we are learning from our mess

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