Meet Zainhy: The Artist Behind Label 99Loner

Yvens Danel Pierre Louis known as “Zainhy” was born in Haiti. lived on the island of Saint-Martin and Settled for a few years in France to make a huge impact on his career.

Zainhy has always been rocked by music. growing up in Florida and Saint-Martin until he was 18, it was almost written that Zainhy would embark on his passion. Influenced by many artists he stands out from other rappers. thanks to a very American flow that kicks with autotune.

Now living in France wants to give himself the time to offer us the best, whether in the prods, in the lyrics, or in the flows. Still too little known we will have to count on the young artist in the months to come. Zainhy has been making us soar for two years now through a very Rican rap.

His very hovering and melodious musical style is a real boost for his very promising career. With various featurings in the company of Bourbier , Nix Dyn or Rach , our French rapper plays with words and melody, to bring a very soft and dancing atmosphere to his titles. Inspired by artists such as Travis Scott and Tory Lanez.

Directed by The OG Films and composed by Papi Kza. This clip transports us to a very calm atmosphere specific to the rapper’s universe. Zainhy , in total chemistry with the very chill composition of the beatmaker Papi Kza finds himself in the heart of a gas station.

Through a very calm and melodious flow, this clip is a pure visual and auditory delight. The hyper-dancing cloud effect brought by Zainhy and his positive vibe brings a lot of flavor to his music videos.


Zainhy launched his own Record Label, initially independently under the name of 99Loner. In this Label there are 6 artists named: Bess, himself, luvier, nix dyn, marrich as well as Stephbliss and an Obamo composer. His label allows him to publish his music but also to occupy the place of the producer.

An environment that he will admit to being particularly fond of. It was then that the African unit of universal was interested in this young expanding group and therefore negotiated a deal with them. “more quotes please” -Zainhy and his label 99 lonner are now focusing on the projects of several group members. An epic that could later make people talk about it.

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