Middle-aged man found dead in uncompleted building at Kasoa

Source The Ghana Report

A middle-aged man has been found dead in an uncompleted building at Kasoa, Opeikuma High-Tension in the Awutu Senya East Municipality.

An identity card found beside the body identified him as Kwesi Alhaji.

It has not been ascertained whether he was murdered or died of natural causes.

Okyere Boateng, a resident of the community told the media that the body was found by a young boy who was hunting for birds.

“Around 2:30 in the afternoon yesterday(October 11 2022) a boy who was hunting for birds came to inform me of a foul smell he sensed in the area. We went to search and found a dead body so I informed my pastor and he reported it to the police.”

“They came around 6:30 in the evening to inspect the body. If anyone’s father has travelled and not returned, they should come and disclose,” he narrated.

The Awutu Senya East Municipal NADMO Director, Kwame Amoah, confirming the incident said they have managed to take the decomposed body for burial and called on Ghanaians to contact Ofaakor Police for identification of the deceased.

“I was there yesterday the Kasoa Police Commander called me that there is a dead body at Kasoa Opeikuma High Tension so we should go and check. So we came around 8 pm and found the body but the police said it was late so we should wait for today before they can do something about it.

“So we came today and found his phone and a susu card bearing the name Kwesi Alhaji. We can’t tell what or who killed him but he was wearing only his supporter (underpants) and his top. Anyone who knows anybody by name of Kwesi Alhaji should come out to let the police know,” he narrated.


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