Minority lists 10 new taxes that should be scrapped from the 2024 Budget

Source The Ghana Report

 The Minority in Parliament has indicated that the government has proposed new taxes on some selected products to rake in more revenue.

The government intends to introduce this new tax bill in Parliament to promote the use of especially eco-friendly energy sources to power vehicles.

Products like ‘akpeteshie’, tobacco, petrol and diesel cars are among the items to be affected.

However, the Minority Leader, Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson has described the new taxes as a sign of the government’s lack of innovative ideas to manage the economy.

Dr Forson lambasted the government’s decision to impose a 20% tax on akpeteshie, a local alcoholic beverage, highlighting the potential negative impact on local producers and consumers.

He asserted that the government’s justification for these taxes, promoting the use of cleaner energy sources like electric vehicles, was a mere smokescreen for its true motive of generating additional revenue.

He emphasized that the government’s lack of creativity in devising effective economic policies had led it to resort to indiscriminately taxing the populace.


See the full list below:


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