My stage name made it difficult for me to shine – Yaa Pono

Although he has some recognition in the music industry, rapper, Yaa Pono, believes he could have been among the top musicians in Ghana had it not been for the stage name he adopted early in his career.

According to Yaa Pono, whose real name is Solomon Adu Antwi, his stage name was difficult for the media to accept perhaps because of the sexual connotation.

“I have very powerful songs but the media houses I went to preferred that I changed my name before they played my songs. I suffered this for a long time but it is better now,” he told Showbiz in an interview on Tuesday.

He said he would have been a big artiste by now if the media had supported him and given him the push they had given to other artists.

Yaa Pono, who now prefers to be called Pono Biom, said despite several attempts to explain that PONO meant Prince Of New Origin, people had refused to accept it.

“I am tired of explaining the meaning of PONO. It is an acronym for Prince Of New Origin (PONO) and I don’t care, however, anyone wants to interpret it,” he said.

Despite the bashing he has received for using that name, the rapper says nothing will make him change his name.

“I have had this name for a decade and nothing will make me change it because I have achieved a lot with it and I love it.

“I think the problem people have with the name is the Pono part which I have explained on several occasions,” he stated.

Now Pono Biom says he has worked on improving his stagecraft and it is giving him the name he wants.

“Pono Biom is one of the best artists when it comes to stagecraft and no one can dispute that,” he said.

Known for songs such as Amen, Shopping Mall, Gbee Naabu and Obiaa Wone Master, Yaa Pono, who recently won Best Rapper, Best Hiplife Artiste and Best Collaboration at the Ghana Music Awards UK said his new album would be ready early next year.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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