New trend: Analyst details how organ harvesters lure victims with juicy scholarships

Source The Ghana Report

Criminal human organ harvesting gangs have moved away from using attractive job offers to juicy educational scholarships as bait for their victims, investigator and security threat analyst Mr. George Dosoo-Doyen has revealed.

In an exclusive interview with The Ghana Report, Mr. Dosoo-Doyen explained that organ harvesting syndicates previously sought to lure unsuspecting victims abroad with enticing employment offers and deals. However, when the public became enlightened on their modus operandi, there was a shift from that strategy to the offering of scholarships that demanded nothing from the beneficiaries.

“In the past, it used to be job opportunities in these countries, but they have realized people are getting smarter, so there is a change; they are using scholarship opportunities,” he said.

According to Mr. Dosoo-Doyen, the harvesters impersonate academic institutions and package support in the form of full tuition, stipends, and awesome academic aid.

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Most of the time, they fund the process of travelling by providing passports, visas, tickets, and anything else that will make the unsuspecting victim comfortable.

“They will do all the processes needed for you to travel abroad because that will get more than they spent on you after getting you out of your country, i.e. after harvesting your organs,” he explained.

Mr. Dosoo-Doyen further stated that in 2017, advertisements for working abroad took over the streets of Accra, but it is unfortunate that, per his research, most people who travelled via those routes are nowhere to be found.

“……back in 2017 till date, there were lots of advertisements in town on working abroad opportunities, where they pay for the passports, your tickets and tell you they have accommodation ready, but what they are literally doing is to traffick you to those countries and harvest your organs,” the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder at Doyen Institute of Intelligence and Investigations observed.

“There are records of individuals who travelled via those routes and are nowhere to be found today, not because they suffered any kind of illness but rather because they were lured and their organs harvested.”

Mr. Dosoo-Doyen advised individuals seeking to travel to work or study abroad to subject their scholarship letters or job offer letters to security experts or the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) for assessment and clearance.

Organs cost a huge amount on the black market.

In a research titled: HUMAN ORGAN TRAFFICKING: PERSPECTIVE FROM CRIMINAL MATTERS, BUSINESS, AND HUMAN RIGHTS, published by Research Gate in November 2023, the authors Ahmet Maloku, Elda Maloku and Fejzi Beqiri listed the price range, stating that illegally harvested/sold kidneys are sold for $50,000 to $120,000, livers go for $99,000 to $145,000, the price tag of a heart is between $130,000 to $290,000, lungs for $150,000 to $290,000, while a pancreas can cost $110,000 to $140,000.

Mr Dosoo-Doyen is not the only one to raise the alarm over organ harvesting, as law enforcement agencies have confirmed the activities of human organ harvesting syndicates.

In 2021, the Head of the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit of the Ghana Police Service, Chief Superintendent Mike Baah, cautioned the public on organ harvesting, stating that unsuspecting victims were lured with job opportunities abroad and deals and urged Ghanaians to be alert and careful to avoid falling victim.

He said the syndicates were well-connected and powerful.

Chief Superintendent Mike Baah added that the security services should focus on arresting the organ-harvesting syndicate and not the victims since most of them are naive and unaware of the menace’s plans.



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