NMC directs NET 2 TV to retract, apologise for wrongful publication

The National Media Commission (NMC) has directed an Accra-based television station, NET 2 television (TV) and the Host of “The Hot Seat Show”, Kweku Annan, to retract and apologise for false publications made on nine episodes of the programme from April 13 to May 16 this year.

The publications made false allegations against Messrs Francis Akuamoah Boateng and a legal practitioner, Bright Okyere-Adjekum.

Mr Annan did broadcast on the programme what he termed ‘Exposé’, which discussed the outcome of some investigations he had embarked upon regarding the administration of the Estate of the late former Controller and Accountant-General, John Prempeh.

The broadcast alleged that the will of the deceased was altered, thus, implicating the complainants in forgery and criminal conducts.

The complainants described as false and unsubstantiated, claims which sought to defame them on a live radio conversation with a son of the late John Prempeh, John Peter Prempeh-Bonsu.


In the statement signed by the Deputy Executive Secretary of the NMC, Alexander Bannerman, and issued in Accra yesterday, the commission said that at its Complaints Settlement Committee meeting, Kweku Annan, the host of the programme, could not substantiate the allegations, and that an opportunity offered to the complainants to respond to the allegations were rejected and, therefore, concluded that they had no case.

The NMC, however, said Mr Annan’s assumption that the complainants were guilty merely because they did not respond was wrong as “ their refusal to respond did not mean they were guilty of the allegations”.

The committee, according to the statement, said the station did not follow basic ethical journalistic rules by airing a one-sided story on the Estate of the late John Prempeh.

“The Commission found the behaviour of NET 2 TV and the Host as unprofessional and, therefore, directs the station to apologise, retract and treat the apology with the same prominence as the offending material.

“In addition, the television station has been directed to remove the alleged offending materials from all their social media platforms,” the statement said.

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