Nurse in Ghana set to become 9th wife of UK’s most married man

Source TheGhanaReport/Edwin Appiah

An American woman, undergoing a nursing training course in Ghana, is set to marry UK’s most married man, becoming his ninth wife.

British media has reported Ron Sheppard, 71, proposed to Rose Hans, 30, after she initiated contact online. The two have never met.

Their relationship is a year old and the two are expecting to tie the knot after Rose Hans completes her course in Ghana and moves to the UK.

Age is just a number

Despite being more than twice her age, the British man quoted the quip ‘ age is just a number’ as he seeking to add wife number nine.

He touted Rose’s professional background as a nurse as an important tipping point in making the decision to marry again.

“She’ll be a great companion and being a nurse will help me in my old age. This one will definitely see me out.”

Ron’s last relationship ended in 2017 after he felt the 33-year old woman from the Philippines, Cristel Marquez-Lalic, was dating another man. She was compelled to leave the country after Ron tipped UK immigration as she had overstayed her visa.

Ron says he felt used after supporting Marquez-Lalic in many ways. He says Rose, however, is different and does not ask him for anything.

Ron Sheppard, a father of eight children is known in the UK as ‘The Lord of Wedding Rings’.

Previous marriages

Wife No 1: Margaret in 1966. Had three children and divorced after two years.

Wife No 2: Jeanette, married in 1973 and divorced after just one year together. Mr Sheppard later described the union as a ‘business transaction’ to help him get a bigger council house.

Wife No 3: Lesley, wed in 1976. He left five years later following a string of arguments. The couple have two sons.

Wife No 4: Kathy, met in a holiday camp and they married in 1982. They had a daughter and lasted four years.

Wife No 5: Sue, met in a bingo hall and married in 1986. They had two sons but she threw him out in 1997.

Wife No 6: Usha, wed in 1999. They split after four years when Mr Sheppard cheated on her in Thailand.

Wife No 7: Wan, met in Bangkok in 2003 and married that year. The pair were in the UK for just eight months when Wan left him and returned home.

Wife No 8: Weng, married in 2004. The pair met online and Sheppard flew out to the Philippines. The couple were together for 11 years and split in 2015.

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