Ofankor shooting: Landlord legally acquired gun used in killing tenant – Police

It has emerged that the Landlord who shot and killed his tenant at Spot M near Ofankor in Accra acquired his gun legally.

The police in a statement said the suspect, Victor Stephen Kankam acquired the gun in 2007 and registered it through due process.

“Police investigation has disclosed that the weapon used in committing the crime was legally acquired and registered through due process in 2007,” a police statement read.

The deceased, Spark Benjamin, who was an upcoming musician, was shot for failing to vacate the apartment which had been rented out to him.

According to the Landlord, he shot the deceased in self-defence.

Police in the statement assured it would conduct a thorough investigation into the matter to ensure justice was served.


The deceased was shot and killed by his Landlord after he allegedly failed to vacate an apartment which was rented out to him.

According to the police, the deceased was rushed to the police station with multiple injuries. He was, however, rushed to the Police Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The Ofankor District  Commander, DSP George Asare, who visited the crime scene with his team, said they saw a pool of blood at the entrance of the deceased’s apartment.

Four spent shells were retrieved at the scene. Upon further checks in the suspect’s room, the police retrieved two pump action guns loaded with seven and eight rounds of cartridges each.

Some 32 live cartridges were also retrieved from the suspect’s room.

Read the full police statement below:


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  1. Anonymous says

    If a tenant fails to leave ur house or apartment does it mean u should killed him all because u have a registered gun? What kind of country are we building? We have the police service, red cross etc.. He has to face the law’s of the land!!!!!!??

  2. Anonymous says

    This guy plan to kill the tenant. How would u even wear bullet proof and also take a gun all in the name of going to evacuate a tenant. He needs to be sentenced life in poison. They also think Ghana when u kill later u will be released from jail that is why they full around doing nasty things. Jail for life if am the lawyer.

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