‘One student, One laptop’ Promise By Bawumia Faces Severe Criticism On Social Media

Source The Ghana Report

The Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia speaking at the 60th Anniversary celebration of the Hohoe Evangelical Presbyterian Senior High School on Saturday, May 27, said the government through the Ministry of Education is preparing to replace textbooks with laptops in Senior High Schools across the country.

“If this country must move forward in the right direction, we must invest in education which is the only platform for preparing nation builders for tomorrow”.

“The Minister for Education has also assured me that this year, we’ll start the replacement of textbooks with laptops in Senior high Schools,” he noted.

This promise by Dr. Bawumia alias ‘Digital Man’ has raised many brows on social media with the majority claiming that it will be futile since the incumbent government under which he serves as a Vice President has disappointed Ghanaians.

Other social media users recalled some promises Dr. Bawumia made earlier and have been able to achieve for Ghanaians, hence the ‘One student, One laptop’ promise can be a reality.

Below are some comments from social media users on the ‘One student, One laptop’ promise

I want to know if the laptops will be solar-powered. Some schools do not have adequate electricity

— Festus Bill (Raising Pre-Seed $500k) (@Citizen_Gunner)

You have not finished improving their meals that looks like what the biblical prodigal son sef would reject but it’s laptops u want to provide? thank God i resist some kind of temptations

— Fizzy_B (@brhymer)

The students are suffering, food issues and accommodation yet…

— €lorm (@Callme__El)

Some Teachers have not even received their laptops yet and it’s been two years

— Secure🤙🏽 (@QuameSterling3)

Misplaced priorities, quite absurd and sickening.
I had a short stint in a private school that offers the British Curriculum; even at O-level and A-level they still use text books.

There is a reason text books are still present even at tertiary level. This man is confused.

— Apothecary (@Rapathologist)

Wait till the year’s end b4 you draw conclusion!!
1. He talked about Wi-Fi in SHS – delivered
2. Buses n Pick-ups 4 all SHS – delivered
… many others.

— Francis Awortwe (@Awortiango48)

Wait till the year’s end b4 you draw conclusion!!
1. He talked about Wi-Fi in SHS – delivered
2. Buses n Pick-ups 4 all SHS – delivered
… many others.

— Francis Awortwe (@Awortiango48)

Textbooks nu koraaa, you’ve not delivered it na laptops 😂😂😂😂
Wat at all does he eat, cuz most of his statements doesn’t make sense at all

— Dr. Psycho (@LeonardAnsah27)

What happened with the free Wi-Fi? SMH

— Kwaku Kesse

I don’t think he knows what he’s doing. And I’m not sure he thought hard about this before coming out to say this. It makes absolutely no sense to replace textbooks with laptops, especially when you consider how expensive laptops are compared to books. Anything for votes. LOL

— Seth Gogo Egoeh (@dakporticpower)

Has he finished honouring matured principals due pensioners since February 2023? Please please give us break … if your dad’s money was part u would understand the pains

— Legend Perry (@LegendPerry1)

One village one Dam koraa you couldn’t do it
1D1F you couldn’t do it
One district $1m you couldn’t do it
na one student one laptop you can do?

Another procurement , another corruption, another debt bill for the tax payer to pick up 🤮🤮🤮🤮

— Dr. Jehadi Osei-Bonsu (@JehdOB


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