Only those who play ‘fools’ stay married – Comedian Real Warri Pikin

Nigerian comedienne and actress, Real Warri Pikin has stated that it is only those who make a decision to play the ‘fool’ stay married by making all the sacrifices.

According to her, she doesn’t know why people can’t tolerate each other in marriage but can easily forgive people who offend them, adding that in marriage both parties need to make it work rather than leaving it for just one to make it work.

“Marriage na study working, the man will work, the woman will work, you must have that mentality of making it work out not ready to walk out. Your papa, pikin, brother do you something you forgive, but when it’s your husband, I don’t know why with a spouse, I cannot take it.

“That’s how I’m wired. Only fools stay married, Yes, I’m a fool. The question, ‘Do you know who I am’ caused a lot of problems?”.

The actress, who recently celebrated 11 years of marriage stated, “Marriage is sweet, marriage is difficult, marriage is exhausting, marriage is beautiful which makes it all part of life.”

Sharing her ideas and thoughts on marriage and the advice she had for the young ones who are interested in marriage, she told Doreen Avio how she and her husband have been able to put their different backgrounds aside and rather focus on the goal of making it work for them which she said has made submission easy.

“Sometimes, my husband (Ikechukwu) dey annoy me. His background and mine are two different ones, we have come together for the past 11 years. We learn, unlearn and relearn.

“Every day I am learning Ikechuku, he is learning me and it makes submission easy because he is the leader,” he said.

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