Our ” Do-Nothing ” Governance

The pointless posturing over Galamsey in the last couple of weeks has made clear the inertia at the core of our governance. Despite a lot of heat, there was little light– despite a lot of noise, there was little sense.
The President who pledged to put his Presidency on the line to fight Galamsey had nothing to say– except permit his office to issue a statement dissing the report he had asked the security agencies to investigate.
While the author of the report was hounded by all those with axes to grind, not one of the ten other Ministers who served with him on the Inter-Ministerial committee said a word or was asked whether they agreed or disagreed with the report.
The Armed Forces, who have been captured on video protecting Galamsey sites have been silent on whether they have been enforcing the law or protecting law-breakers.
The people’s Parliament, who, a few weeks ago were so eager to protect us from the scourge of LGBTQ are eerily silent about the menace of Galamsey. They have seen nothing, heard nothing and will say nothing!
And across our nation, the palaces of our traditional rulers– from Otumfuor through the Ya-Na, the Awomefia and other mighty monarchs to the lowliest chiefs, charged with protecting our environment, are silent.
Tomorrow, our religious leaders will steadfastly ignore Leviticus 25:24 “Throughout the country that you hold as a possession, you must provide for the redemption of the land” even as they exhort their congregations to do God’s work here on earth.
And while the establishment and the punditocracy have descended on the former Minister and are questioning many aspects of his report, we didn’t need the report to appreciate the damage done to our environment and politics by Galamsey. All we needed to do was look at the dirty water and mud flowing from our taps and craters being dug in our forests and the death of Major Mahama and the brave reporting of Joy fm!
Indeed, the only institution that has boldly come out to condemn the President and his dismal record on Galamsey was the NDC whose major campaign pledge in 2020 was to restore Galamsey fully! Their attacks on the NPP on Galamsey is a cynical and disgraceful exploitation of a national crisis. Their conduct undermines the legacies of the great progressive parties of the past–the CPP, PNP and even the NDC of the past.
As for the NPP, the patriotic and moral NPP of Adu Boahen and Da Rocha would never have permitted its image to be tainted by this canker. It would have denounced the protagonists without equivocation.
Unfortunately, those who should be in the dock for Galamsey are cynically and brazenly heading to discredited courts, not to clear their non-existent reputations but to punish the truth-tellers.
My fellow Ghanaians, we are watching the destruction of the 4th Republic, right before us by traitors and mercenaries who care more about wealth than Ghana.
We did not inherit Ghana from our ancestors– we borrowed it from our children.
What Ghana shall we leave them?
If the dirty water and mud coming from our taps won’t move us to action, what will?
If Nananom won’t protect our lands, who will?
If the Parliament that wants to protect us from LGBTQ won’t protect us from Galamsey, who will? Who should?
Martin Luther King Junior said, “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right”
Let’s save Ghana for posterity.
God bless you.
God bless Ghana.

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