Pick our calls and come for your money – Gold Coast to customers

Source Starr FM

Gold Coast Fund Management, now Blackshield Fund Management, says some of their customers are influencing others from accepting their new payment plan.

According to the firm, the aggrieved customers have intentions of destabilizing companies of their founder Papa Kwesi Ndoum hence their insistence on a demonstration.

“We have announced and are following a program of paying our customers, beginning with those with balances below GHS 2,000. We have also recently announced changes to our barter program that will allow customers to acquire brand new items such as generators, televisions, and motorcycles using investment balances. Payments are ongoing and will continue until every customer is satisfied. As we are able to collect our funds from those who owe us, the rate at which we can move to those with higher balances will increase.

“We are currently calling our customers with balances under 2,000 to confirm their mobile money or bank details and make arrangements to pay them. We are aware that members of the group have encouraged those receiving calls not to answer the phone and not to come for their money, arguing that these payments are a tactic to reduce their strength as a unified group. We wish to assure our customers that our phone calls are genuine and urge them to come for their money when contacted,” a statement by the company said Tuesday.

Scores of aggrieved customers of the struggling fund managers are set for a mammoth demonstration in Accra today, Tuesday to pile pressure on the company’s management to payback their locked up investments.

Gold Coast Security has struggled to maintain stability following the challenges its sister companies have had especially in the financial front. The GN savings and loan firm has been taken over by government for insolvency.

Its mother company Groupe Ndoum is stressed in winning public confidence in its operations.

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