Police suspect contract killing in Sogakope assemblyman’s murder

The Police in the Volta Region is suspecting contract killing in the murder of Marcus Mawutor Adzahli, the assemblyman for the Sogakope South Electoral area.

The Public Relations Officer of the Volta Region Police Command, Corporal Prince Dugbatsey, made the revelations after initial investigations into Sunday’s shooting incident, which also left the wife of the deceased hospitalised.

Mr Dugbatsey, who was speaking in an interview with Kwabena Prah Jnr,  on Accra FM’s Ghana Yensom show on Monday, revealed that the initial report he had seen showed that “it was contract killing”.

Sogakope Assemblyman shot dead, wife in critical condition


Reports had it that about eight men broke into the home of Mr Adzahli in the early hours of Sunday at about 1 pm. The armed assailants allegedly used cement blocks to destroy the assemblyman’s burglar-proof doors before entering his room.

The police stressed that  “there was a safe that was broken into” by the alleged eight-man attackers who fled the scene before the police arrived.

The death of the assemblyman, coupled with reports that the police arrived after 40 minutes when they were called, angered residents who mounted roadblocks in the area in protest.

After hours of gridlock, the police were able to engage the angry youth to back down and allow free flow of vehicles.

Mr Dugbatsey explained that the police “command has taken note” and they would conduct an assessment and take the appropriate action on the claims that the police arrived late.

He subsequently urged residents to exercise restraint and volunteer information to aid investigators probing the incident, so that the police could bring the perpetrators to book.

  1. Anonymous says

    According to the neighbors the killers took close to 45minutes to break in the house. All that while the young man kept calling the police to come save him but they didn’t come until the man was killed and the killers had left. This operation took 2 hours, people heard the gun shots but couldn’t help. So how is it even 40 minutes? The police came after 2 hours to carry the body. May God judge the killers and the all the police offices he called for help. This could have been them or their brother. May his soul rest in perfect peace. HE WAS A GOOD MAN, HE HELPED THE NEEDY AND ORPHANS. THE WORLD HAS LOST A GOOD ONE. I PRAY FOR JUSTICE. Thank you 🙏🏾

  2. Anonymous says

    The sogakofe police are known for nothing but BRIBE.

  3. Anonymous says

    Sogakope policce acted unprofessinally by shoot and hurting 3 angry youth. Mr IGP, fire them.They shouldn’t start war they can’t win.The good ppl of Sog.deserve better.

  4. Anonymous says

    Since when did the Sogakope police realise they didn’t have weapon?.ls the IGP aware?What about the lnerior Minister?Where did they get the gun to shoot and hurt the 3 ppl? The whole world is watching

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