Reclaim repatriations to pave way for sustainable growth — African countries urged

Source The Ghana Report

The Founder and Director of Power Shift Africa, Mohammed Adow, is calling on African countries to leverage their significant renewable energy potential to reclaim repatriations to build resilience and pave the way for sustainable growth.

He explained that the continent is not responsible for climate harm however, it is suffering its consequences, asserting that the rest of the world owes Africa a debt.

That, he said, presented an opportunity for the continent to frame its international climate negotiations on the principles of climate justice.

“The Africa continent is home to almost 17 per cent of the global population and we account for less than four per cent of emissions so the rest of the world, particularly the historic polluters owe us a climate debt in the form of adaptation and mitigation.

It is an opportunity if Africa is to reframe its international climate negotiations on the basis of climate injustice we will be able to reclaim repatriations that allows us to able to build our resilience but also power our way out of energy, food poverty by capitailising on the incredible renewable energy potential that exists,” he said.

In an interview with the media at the opening of the 54th Climate Reality Leadership Training in Accra, Mr Adow explained that the continent is incredible endowed with resources, arable lands, renewable energy resources and a very youthful population to be able to address Africa’s food needs, energy needs and also help Africa’s prosperity.

Therefore, he said there is an opportunity for the continent to position itself in a way that puts Africa on a sustainable path which is also resilient.

He called on leaders of various countries on the continent to help us seize this opportunity,” he said.

Climate reality

The three-day event forms part of the Climate Reality Project’s series of global training programmes that aim to educate and equip advocates with the tools they need to effectively advance climate solutions.

It focused on the potential for the people of West Africa to create a new model of sustainable development and open the door to a better life for millions in the region.

It brought together the youth, scientists, and experts from West Africa and across the continent to deliberate on the latest climate science, existing policies, future solutions in the region, and opportunities for advocates to make a difference.

Addressing climate change

The Former Vice President of the United States of America and Founder of the Climate Reality Project, Al Gore, said it was imperative for governments and stakeholders in Africa and worldwide to “muster political will” to address the pressing issue of climate change.

“Our world is currently confronted with its most serious and dangerous challenge. Despite advancements, efforts must now be significantly amplified,” he said.

For her part, the President of the Climate Reality Project, Phyllis Cuttino, explained the significance of their presence in Ghana, citing it as a critical hub in West Africa for training leaders to instigate global change.

She said 50,000 climate reality leaders have been trained across the world adding that “our goal is to train an additional 100,000 and that is part of the reason why we are here in Ghana because we think it is an important place to be in West Africa to be training the leaders here to help make the change that needs to happen.”

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