Resign if you can’t manage Ghana football – Alhaji Grusah to GFA

Source The Ghana Report

Alhaji Karim Grusah, a veteran football administrator and the bankroller of King Faisal, has called for the resignation of officials within the Ghana Football Association (GFA) due to growing concerns about the management of football in the country.

Grusah participated in the ‘SaveGhanaFootball’ demonstration held in Accra on February 14th, where he spoke to the media along with other protesters.

He expressed his frustration with the state of affairs within the GFA and criticized the association’s handling of football matters.

He also demanded immediate action and highlighted the GFA’s recent communication requesting a meeting with the protest organizers to discuss important issues.

“I am even surprised that the GFA have sent a letter; they should resign,” Grusah said in an interview with Peace FM

“If they have acknowledged [the issues], they should resign, Ghana is not for them,” Grusah declared, calling for a decisive overhaul of leadership within the GFA.

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