Revive Tema Oil Refinery To Reduce Oil Imports – IES

Source The Ghana Report

The Institute of Energy Security (IES) has called on the government to revive the Tema Oil Refinery to decrease the importation of oil in the country.

According to IES, it has become unsuccessful for most governments to reach a stable and affordable price for petroleum products for citizens, in the face of importations.

The Institute, therefore, called on the government to find alternative means of reviving TOR and to encourage private sector investments in the refinery business in Ghana.

Nana Amoasi VII the Executive Secretary of the Institute of Energy Security in an interview monitored by The Ghana Report on Citi News said a second look at TOR in terms of reviving its operations can drastically reduce the country’s oil imports.

“We have an existing Tema Oil Refinery that can produce 45,000 barrels per day that can meet almost half of our daily demand. Tema Oil Refinery is not going to give us only that assurance of fuel supply, it is also a ground to train our engineers.”

Nana Amoasi VII also alleged that “the continued neglect of the Tema Oil Refinery is due to the parochial interest of people who benefit from the importation of Crude”.

“We believe that it is not in the interest of some groups to see the TOR work. If that is not the case then the Energy Minister and the President would have been more focused on this arrangement than focus on gold for oil and put a value on somebody’s oil against your own crude”, he added.

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