Scandals Surrounding National Cathedral Unbelievable – Segbefia

Source The Ghana Report

Director of International Relations for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Alex Segbefia, has expressed his disbelief at the series of controversies surrounding the construction of the National Cathedral.

His comments were prompted by the recent resignations of two clergymen, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and Rev. Eastwood Anaba, from the board of trustees.

The two clergymen, in their resignation letter dated October 17, 2023, claimed that they were leaving the committee because the board had refused to conduct an audit of the project, a situation Mr Segbefia described as “unbelievable” and stressed that it reflects negatively on the leadership style of President Akufo-Addo and the NPP government.

“The kind of scandal around the cathedral, an edifice that is supposed to be to the glory of God, is unbelievable. And it stands as a big blot on the leadership style, the leadership of Nana Addo and the NPP government because they all pushed it, and the way and manner in which they went was wrong,” he said on Joy News.

He added, “We all love our God. We are all Christians. We all go to our churches; don’t vilify people for  asking legitimate questions about what you were doing, especially when statements have been made that government funds will not be used and government funds have been used.”

Mr Segbefia further commended the two clergymen for taking steps to distance themselves from the project due to apparent mistakes.

He said assessing the situation and taking necessary actions when mistakes are identified is a commendable approach.

“I have no problem with the leaders of the churches who have left previously and currently because I think that at any time, you must assess where you are with anything. And if it comes to the fore that mistakes have been made, and the way this is going, and I have to come out of it, then kudos to them for knowing that that’s the case.”

So far, five clergy members have resigned from the Board of Trustees.

They include Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, Rev. Eastwood Anaba, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, Pastor Mensa Otabil and Rev. Professor Cephas Omenyo.

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