Shatta Wale Apologises To Hogbetsotso Event Sponsor

Source The Ghana Report

Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale, has been spotted in a video kneeling whiles seeking forgiveness from the main sponsor of the Hogbetsotso festival concert he refused to perform at after agreeing on a juicy deal.

In a viral video shared by blogger Ronnieiseverywhere, Shatta Wale was seen with Bola Ray pleading on his behalf for failing to perform at the Hogbetsotso festival in the Volta Region despite a pending contract.

Shatta Wale was then compelled to kneel on the floor to show how remorseful he was before the organisers.

In the video, the event planning committee members were seen restraining Shatta Wale from kneeling to apologise to them since they are all good friends.

It will be recalled that on November 8, 2022, Shatta Wale, in a Facebook live video, explained why he couldn’t attend the Hogbetsotso Beach Rave in Tegbi, Volta Region.

According to him, he failed to show up because the agreed date for the event was miscommunicated to him.

Later, Shatta Wale alleged that he was called for an interview on the radio, which he declined because it was not part of the agreement between the organisers and his management.

“I did all the interviews you wanted me to do in Accra. So, where from this interview and greeting? The agreement didn’t involve any greetings and interview,” he said.

He added that the organisers later informed his team that they would not take him to his hotel room if he did not grant the interview. He then decided not to perform as he felt disrespected.

He also said he was asked to meet the chiefs to show respect to the Asantehene, Ga Mantse, and the Chief (Dufia) of Anlo, who were present at the festival, which he declined because he felt he would be tired before his performance.

After all the reasons Shatta Wale gave for not performing at the Hogbetsotso Festival, the main sponsor accepted Shatta’s apology and assured him of their continuous cordial relationship.

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