She who brings money gets the attention – Sefa on Ms Forson’s ‘disappearance’

According to Sefa, a record label is a profit-making business. So it is only expected that they invest in their cash cow to milk more money. 

Sefa made this statement on the disappearance of Ms. Forson from the scenes. Conferring to industry sources, Ms. Forson is/was signed onto DBlack’s record label, Black Avenue Musik (BAM). But she has been noticeably absent, and Sefa is getting all the attention from the label.


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Sefa said, “Right now, I don’t also know where Ms. Forson is. I spoke to her sometime back, and I think she wasn’t even in Accra when I spoke to her at that time.”

She also revealed that she had no idea if Ms. Forson was still signed onto the label or not. Sefa explained that they shared a record label but had different management teams. So, communication between the two camps is not consistent.


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“At the moment, I am just working hard. When it comes to a label. In as much as they are supporting your passion, it is a business. The one that brings more income is the one that gets most of the attention.”

Sefa has joined the troupe of celebrities in solidarity with Moesha Budong. She sent a heartfelt message to the actress, battling with her new status as a born-again Christain.

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