Skirts and Big Shoes: The West African Men Defying Conventional Fashion Norms

Source The Ghana Report

The globally acclaimed fashion designer, Carolina Herrera once said “Fashion is magical, a fantasy. It’s madness, and it doesn’t last. It’s changing all the time.” 

This statement defines the fashion sense of a new crop of African men in showbiz who have branched from the traditional.

Besides making a name for themselves with their art, these men also make bold fashion statements. Something that seemed to be the preserve of their female colleagues.

They have moved from jumpers, trousers, blazers, ties, business shoes, shirts, jeans and the good old regal African apparel fit for kings.

These men are now popularising skirts, cropped blouses that show their midriff, bright-coloured and floral shirts, and high-heeled shoes among others that were customarily considered women apparel.

Here are five West African men in showbiz whose eccentric fashion styles are making waves:

Black Sherif

The ‘Kwaku the Traveller’ crooner has often got people talking for reasons more than his music. Just like Black Sherif’s music, his fashion sense broaches meaning.

His fashion choices incite some interesting reactions from both entertainment and fashion industry players.

On many occasions, he has managed to get his fans talking with his quirky style.

In what may be an attempt to completely set his brand apart from other singers in Ghana, Mohammed Ismail Sherif Kwaku Frimpong switches his style between eras.

For a 21-year-old, he mixes trends from the 80s and 90s together with current fashion pieces to deviate from the popular styles of the moment.

The man who calls himself ‘Kwaku Killa’ gets on stage and does his regular duties in his skimpy tops, bucket hats, durags and buggy or flare-cut trousers.


Osebo the Zara Man

Richard Brown, popularly known in Ghanaian pop culture as Osebo the Zara Man, does not only deal in alternative men’s fashion, he represents it.

The fashion entrepreneur mainly gained popularity with his eccentric fashion choices.

He always sets tongues wagging by setting as somewhat a promoter of the avant-garde by choosing ruffled shirts, quilts, oversized sunglasses, dresses, see-through tops, purses, larger-than-life shoes etc.

Osebo has often been criticised and even mocked by some Ghanaians over his ‘kaba and slit’ outfits but that has not deterred him from attempting to lead a revolution in the Ghanaian fashion scene.


King Promise

Aside from his vocals, Gregory Bortey Newman known in showbiz as King Promise is known for his interest in wearing seemingly ‘oversized’ shoes.

The singer has mentioned a few times that he plans to launch a shoe line to make his favourite big sized shoes.

He, like the men mentioned above, brings a different feel to the fashion game with wide-leg pants, bright colours, more jewellery, huge sunglasses and his signature leather jackets.

Some netizens have often taken to social media to react to his ‘weird’ style sense and his expensive spending habits in fashion.

The ‘Chop life’ singer likes flaunting fashion items from luxury fashion brands like Bottega Veneta.


Denrele Edun

The popular Nigerian TV personality is famous for one distinct quality other than his work in the media.

The TV host has an unusual fashion sense which he rocks with pride and despite the frequent backlash and controversial statements, Denrele’s style has come to stay.

Over the years, the media personality has cemented his place as the king of eccentric fashion with his heels, effeminate dressing, and ‘weird’ themes.

Denrele often spots elaborate, big, long hair that steals the show wherever he shows up.


Bella Shmurda

Known in private life as Akinbiyi Abiola Muhammed, the young Nigerian musician’s fashion choices have earned him a lot more attention in recent times than his music.

In a new trend of genderless fashion, the ‘Cash App’ crooner has switched from traditional trousers for men to skirts.

The self-acclaimed newborn Fela Kuti in his own words believes wearing skirts and other bold clothing is a way of promoting African culture.



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