Deprived Hodzo Wodome community gets first school, thanks to social worker

Source The Ghana Report/Aba Asamoah

For years, children in Hodzo Wodome in the Volta Region found the cutlass and hoe more attractive than the classroom.

In fact, there were no classrooms. Their choices in life’s prospects in literacy and numeracy were limited to how well crops do on their parents’ farms. .

That was the case until the arrival of Mr John Nyavor in 2006.

His love for children and support  for the largely farming rural community pushed him to establish a primary school, Real Future Academy and enrolled many children, who ordinarily would not step in the classroom.

John’s heart beats for children, a passion that makes him devote his time, money and energy to making the lives of children better.

Nyavor who runs Great Mission International orphanage home in Accra has through the help of benevolent individuals built a six-classroom block for the community.


In an interview with The Ghana Report, Nyavor said, In 2014, he discussed the idea of providing a classroom block for the community with a friend called Bill.

The project caught Bill’s attention and he donated some amount to start the project.

“I had a meeting with my friend Bill and he asked about my next project. So I told him about a community I have been visiting that had no school and he immediately offered to help and that’s how I was able to build the 6-classroom block for the people of Hodzo.” He said smiling.

To make education accessible to all, John Nyavor has decided to run the school free of charge

“So, we have from class one to primary six. There is a nursery added. We did that to help give education to children living there who could not afford to be in school due to poverty. We don’t take fees. We have hired teachers to teach there free of charge”

“To avoid absenteeism, we provide the school children with lunch, we also provide them with backpacks and all other school supplies.” An excited Nyavor said smiling.

But that is not the only generosity Nyavor has extended to a community. Nyavor’s non-governmental organisation has drilled boreholes for the Mafi Agbadzikope near Adidome in the Volta Region. He also supported single mothers in Agona Kwanyaku with start-up capital.

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