Spice up Your Day With Cute Relationship Memes for Your Partner

People in intimate relationships always want to keep each other company. Unfortunately, real-world responsibilities won’t let us do what we want all the time. Thank God, we are in the digital age.

Today, we can have real-time video communication with anyone across the globe, well almost. We can send short messages, long emails, photos, and memes. Memes are the natural offspring of photos and short messages. Snapchat founders made billions of dollars anticipating how awesome memes could be.

Memes are fun, especially among close friends and those in cozy relationships because it allows you to say something even when you have nothing to say. Funny and cute relationship memes allow you to be cheesy without being too corny. It’s perfect for couples.

Cute relationship memes, like a good punchline, works best if the timing is right.

“Leo as Gatsby agrees.”

A lot of communication these days are done through chat. Couples flirting are no exception. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, a picture with a few words is even better. Sometimes more than a few.

Relationship memes are cute even when you are just courting each other. It conveys feelings without going through an embarrassing confession because memes leave you an exit. If you get a negative response, you can always say “it’s just a meme.”

For couples that are already together, then memes are a great way to say “I’m thinking about you” or “I miss you” out of the blue. Random short and sweet messages like that are romantic, but doing it too much makes it lose its novelty.

Cute relationship memes can mix it up. It can be funny too.


“Relationship memes are cute when a bit of dirty humor is added into it.”

Sometimes it works even if it’s not dirty.

So when is the best time to use cute relationship memes? It is great for responding to messages, but the best way to use it is when you want to start a short conversation with your loved one, but you have nothing important to say. But you miss them and need a short hit like any addict. You can use a meme to get things going.

Cute relationship memes for him and her

One of the key points in using the right meme is how it fits in your current conversation. There are memes for almost everything, including cute relationship memes for a male partner.

cute22The opposite also holds true, there are also cute relationship memes for her.

A Google image search will always get you something if you know what you are looking for. It helps if you know what to say at the right moment before you look for a meme for it (or make one). It’s impossible to teach that, but it is possible to learn that skill through practice.

Using memes to emphasize a point in a conversation also works. But for lovers, it is also a great way to say long cheesy lines that you would be too embarrassed (or lack the artist talent) to say.

Why you should use cute relationship memes

Memes are great for communicating your thoughts and feelings in a short, sweet, and to the point manner. It works when you are just flirting or in a long term relationship. It also works when you are just starting out as a couple and some things are still awkward.

Something like this

or this,

Things change when you are in a relationship, but the first few months are the most romantic ones. Cute new relationship memes are plentiful. There are sweet ones, funny ones, weird ones, dirty ones, and cheesy ones. Take your pick, make sure it fits your personality and one that your partner would appreciate.

You can also send relationship Goals memes,

Cute relationship memes

Or just plain memes with quotes to show your new partner how you really feel.

But the most important reason why you should use a meme instead of just texting your feelings with emojis is it invites more engagement.

Chats normally run this way.

Guy:  Love you babe

Girl: Love you too babe

Guy: Did you eat breakfast already?

Girl: Yeah

Guy: What did you eat?

Girl: Just coffee

Guy: ok

The conversation is so bland, especially for a new couple. But if you start with this;


(Note to editor: Crop please)

Girl: OMG that pig is so cute! I love you too babe!

Girl: Isn’t that guitar too small?

Guy: Yeah I wondered about that too? Did you have breakfast already?

Girl: Just Coffee

Guy: No bacon? I thought you might have some, that’s why I sent you a mariachi pig so early in the morning.

Girl: Eww so mean, I’m not eating bacon again!

Guy: Hahaha can you?


Girl: Hahaha bacon is love!

It makes things more fun and challenging. Meme wars between couples is also a fun activity that any two lovers can do over chat when there is no hot and heavy topic to discuss.

Cute relationship memes add spice to any intimate conversation. A lot of funny memes out there that can start a long conversation about things like this;

or this;

or maybe this?

Memes are not just funny and romantic. Some of them are downright offensive (especially to people who are butt hurt all the time) so be careful when using them. You might end up touching a sensitive topic and argue. It is especially true if you are just a new couple starting out.

So unless you know your partner and all their eccentricities, it’s best to just use funny and cute relationship memes.

Like these;

Those are all great conversation pieces to start a long intimate conversation with your partner without it just ending up with just sex. Of course, there’s nothing wrong if it did end up with sex. Picking the right meme can always spice up your day. So choose a meme, any meme, that suits you and your partner’s personality. It will be fun.

Maybe something like this?

After all, it’s best to nurture all intimate relationships than starting a fight. If in case you do get into a fight always remember this cute relationship meme.

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