Stay low-key if you’ve nothing to offer – Benedicta Gafah

IT seems Kumawood actress and TV personality, Benedicta Gafah, has been missing in action ever since she went off our TV screens a few years ago and it is deliberate. She doesn’t want to be all over the place when she has nothing in the offing yet.

She has decided to ‘dodge’ the spotlight after her job as co-host of TV3’s Music Music, while she puts her stuff together to come back with a bang soon.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Benedicta said she did not see why anyone should be loud all over the place when the person had nothing substantial to offer.

“I don’t think being loud all over the place with nothing to offer makes one remain really relevant. If I have a new movie to premiere, landed a new ambassadorial deal or addressed an important issue, that is when I want to be heard.

“So if nothing of that nature is happening, I want to remain in my corner and mind my business till the right time. Once you are all over the place without making any impact, you give room for people to talk to you anyhow and that is not what I stand for.

“In fact, it is deliberate to remain quiet and reflect on my life and think of the future. Sometimes, being everywhere and not offering anything gives people the chance to look into your private stuff. People are always curious to find out more about you so if you are loud and exposed, you have nothing to hide,” she said.

Benedicta, however, revealed she might currently not be on our screens but she was into other ventures that fetch her a lot of money but she wouldn’t reveal exactly what she was involved in.

Benedicta, who is also a film producer, told Graphic Showbiz she had managed to stay out of trouble because she had few friends and did not hang out at places where she would get into trouble.

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