Stephanie Benson Celebrates 33rd Wedding Anniversary In Style

Musician Stephanie Benson celebrated her 33rd wedding anniversary with her husband, by giving an insight into how much she loves him.

In an Instagram post on Friday, she eulogised her husband for complementing her life.

According to her, marriage is about trusting one’s decision and God to commit to one person forever.

“It’s my 33rd Anniversary today. Most say he’s a lucky man, and I say he’s the reason my luck began.

It’s my job to put a smile on his face, and It’s his job to make me feel safe in his embrace. Marriage is trusting in your and God’s decision to commit to only one, forever. I have loved him for 34yrs and will continue for 34 more,” she wrote.

“I’m sorry we had to cancel our trip but I’ll make it up to you,” she added to celebrate her man.
Stephanie and James tied the nuptial knot on June 17, 1989, and they have since been the best of couples. They are currently blessed with five children.

On Father’s Day on Sunday, she also celebrated him and wrote, “He was always by my side. Ready to take over when I was tired. Set a timer and Shared the sleepless nights. When my nipples hurt, he would try to breastfeed to my delight. (Dominique picture 2) A Super Dad, he truly was and still is.

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads who are present in their children’s lives, loving them, teaching them, emotionally and financially. We praise you, we recognise you, and we love you always.”

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