Stop the hypocrisy; Badu Kobi spoke the truth – Counselor Lutterodt

Source The Ghana Report/ Aba Asamoah

Counselor Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt has jumped to the defense of Prophet Badu Kobi after the pastor and leader of the Glorious Wave International Church came under attack for allegedly making ethnocentric comments at a church service last week.

The preacher is alleged to have described Fante women as “sometimes foolish”, Asante women as greedy and Ewe women as “doormats”.

He had urged his church members to desist from marrying women from the Ashanti region because of their “greedy” nature.

“When you marry an Ashanti lady, you have imported trouble upon yourself, they are greedy. I will not mince words, I have done my research over the years to come to this conclusion” he said at a church service last Friday.

Many have condemned him for the claims with several women interest groups calling for an apology from the preacher.

But Pastor and Counselor, George Lutterodt, will swim against that tide of criticism in his commentary on the subject. He believes Ghanaians are only being hypocritical in their judgement of Prophet Badu Kobi.

“People say Ga’s are fools because they have sold all their properties to strangers and that is true, Ga’s are fools, we love to the extent that our foolish leads us to give out our sleeping places out and lodge in cars, the same thing applies to Krobo women, they are known to be good in bed as compared to other tribes.“ he said.

According to him, ethnocentric comments are a part of the social make up of the Ghanaian people, adding that he sees nothing wrong with the re-echoing of it by the leader of a church.

He adds that the pastor did no wrong as he only adhered to a biblical precedent in communicating a message to his congregation.

“Biblically, God in his own creation gave rules and told some tribes never to marry from some tribes and it was a standard…We are quick to judge and insult, we don’t listen”, he noted in his defense of the rather controversial pastor.


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