Suspected Serial Thief Lynched In Bibiani

Source The Ghana Report

A man believed to be in his late thirties has met his untimely death at Hwenampori, a suburb of Bibiani in the Bibiani Anhweaso Bekwai district of the Western North Region.

The individual, suspected of being involved in a series of break-ins and thefts in the area, was caught in the act while attempting to rob a woman in the early hours of Sunday.

Reports suggest that the suspect had travelled from Kumasi-Abuakwa to Bibiani, targeting the neighbourhood for his criminal activities.

However, the rising incidents of burglaries have left the community on edge. Residents have been taking swift action when apprehending suspects, and unfortunately, in this case, the situation escalated to a point where a mob took matters into their own hands.

Despite calls to hand over the suspect to the police, the mob resorted to violent vigilante justice.

The assemblyman for Hwenampori, Adam Smith, expressed deep concern over the incident.

He highlighted that similar incidents had occurred in the area before, reflecting the high crime rate and the frustration felt by residents. The prevailing insecurity has pushed citizens to take matters into their own hands.

Upon receiving reports of the incident, the police promptly responded from the Sehwi division to restore order and prevent further violence.

Their primary objective was to diffuse the situation and ensure the safety of the community. The deceased suspect’s body was recovered and subsequently taken to the local morgue.

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