Take concrete steps to prevent reintroduction of CSE – Catholic Bishops to Akufo-Addo

Source The Ghana Report

The Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference is urging President Akufo-Addo to take concrete steps that will fully assure Ghanaians that the Comprehensive Sexuality Education policy will not resurface in any disguised form into the curriculum.

The Bishops say though they appreciate President Akuffo Addo for assuring the nation that the Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) will not see the light of day under his leadership, he needs to do more than just assurances to convince them totally.

The Bishops, in a statement signed by the president, Archbishop Philip Naameh, read  ’’ We appreciate the President of our Nation assuring all Ghanaians that Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) will not see the light of day under his Government. The general uproar that greeted this controversial CSE curriculum is broadly indicative of what should be expected when an externally imposed policy is accepted without the adequate engagement of citizens who would be affected by it,’’

They stressed that’’ We would like to implore the President to take further concrete steps to prevent future reintroduction of the CSE in any form or guise into our curriculum. We are aware of the subtle agenda of lobbyists and some NGOs to promote a lifestyle that is against universal natural values and, certainly, against Ghanaian cultural and moral values. We already have acceptable sex education in our educational system. As a nation, therefore, we must make our position unequivocally clear and put in place measures that will stop those who propagate this evil agenda.’’

The Bishops say while they recognize that there are people with what they describe as abnormal sexual orientations and request that they are treated and helped, they oppose very strongly any CSE that teaches the acceptance of LGBTQ and same-sex marriages as normal.

The majority of Ghanaians have expressed fears that the introduction of the CSE will indoctrinate children to be tolerant of homosexuality.

Many religious groups and individuals, including the Catholic Bishops, were loud in opposing the introduction of the CSE to Ghanaian pupils and students.

Speaking at the St Cyprians Anglican Church at Kumasi in October this year, President Akufo-Addo said his vision is to promote national development and not immorality.

“There have been talks in recent times about me and my government introducing some inappropriate materials into schools. I brought the Free SHS to strengthen our education and so I will not allow any immoral materials to enter our schools.

“I’m a Christian and as long as I sit as President of Ghana, I will not allow anything like that in our schools so I urge you all to be calm because I won’t let that happen,” he said.

Ghana, UNESCO, and UNFPA launched the CSE programme in a bid to improve the knowledge of adolescent Ghanaians and the youth on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

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