‘Take precaution, don’t be in a hurry to go and die’ – Author advises road users

Dr Paulina Agyekum, Managing Consultant, Ablin Consult Limited, has advised road users to take “personal precaution” and observe traffic regulations to help reduce road crashes in the country. 

She observed that some pedestrians and drivers “rush when they are not supposed to” while others exert their “ego” on the road, leading to fatal crashes on many occasions.

“Everybody is responsible for their safety. There is a lot of ego on the road, everybody wants to have their own way…be wise for yourself. If someone is racing you on the road, let them go; if someone is doing the wrong thing, don’t imitate them.

“We are very egocentric on the road, and these are some of the little things that cause accident on the road…Caution counts, don’t be in a hurry to go and die,” she stated.

Dr Agyemkum was speaking at the launch of her book titled: “The Right Turn: Challenges, Opportunities and an Urgent Call to Road Safety in Ghana.”

The 10-chapter publication provides insight into road safety challenges and some practical experiences on the road and is recommended for industry professionals and readers of diverse backgrounds.

It covers topics including: “trends and progress in road safety, road safety management in Ghana, vehicular safety, post-crash care in road safety, road safety education, and road traffic law enforcement.

Dr Agyemkum said road safety was crucial as more people continue to lose their lives or suffer permanent disability because of road crashes.

She said the country was making progress in various aspects of road safety management and education but there were more gaps to be filled.

Dr Agyekum urged the National Road Safety Authority (NSRA) and other stakeholders to find ways of testing drivers for drug use just as they were tested for alcohol intake.

The author described her work as “an essential for professional development in road safety” and would, among other things, serve as “a foundation” for the development of a degree course in road safety.

David Osafo Adonteng, Acting Director-General, National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) commended the author and tagged the book as “a guide and bible” to road safety management.

Urging the public to patronise the book, he said it would augment the limited publications on the subject matter and help readers understand “the realities of road safety management.”

He added that the NSRA’s target to reduce road crashes by 50 percent would require a collective effort, therefore, the publication will “awaken the public to get to the field and help battle road crashes.”

In a speech read on his behalf, Dr Abass Awolu, Chief Director, Ministry of Roads and Highways mentioned on-going projects meant to introduce road safety features across major roads in the country.

He urged other professionals to be inspired by Dr Agyekum’s work and produce similar in-depth publications for public education.

Mr Emmanuel Cherry, Chief Executive Officer, Ghana Chamber of Construction Industry, urged the Ministry of Roads and Highways to restore malfunctioning traffic lights and other essential road features to ensure the safety of road users.

He also praised the author, indicating that the Chamber will collaborate with stakeholders to develop “holistic road safety solutions.”

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