Teach Me The Ways Of Your Heart, I Promise To Learn

Being vulnerable with one’s heart is a state that most of us find impossible to achieve especially since trust and love are some of the most precious things that we simply can’t give to others in an instant.

Hence, I’d like you to show me your weakest parts. The fragments of you that you’ve never had the courage to show the world. Then, I will tell you all that’s good about them.

Teach me the ways of your heart. Let me in on your dreams and visions. Sharing those with you is one of the things that I would never get tired of. Moreover, my whole world will forever rally to make those dreams a reality.

Teach me the ways of your heart. Let your world be known to me as I will never be ashamed of you. Hold my hand, since I promise to never let go.

Teach me your dos and don’ts. Your likes and dislikes. I promise to go by your dictates but to also push your buttons every once in a while.

Teach me the ways of your heart. The twists and turns, the ups and downs. But go slow with me as I take in as much of you as I can. I promise to go slow with you, too.

Teach me the ways of your heart. And I’ll make your ways mine.

Teach me the ways of your heart. Bask and bathe in my love as I in yours, for the doors to my heart are forever open for you. Take cover in the shelter of my love when the storms are too strong when there’s no place to wait out the rain. As a result, I promise not to take your love or you for granted.

Teach me the ways of your heart. Let your darkest and deepest desires be known to me. Thus I promise I won’t judge.

Teach me the ways of your heart. Show me your scars, the pain within. Furthermore, let me share your pain. I can’t take it away, so why not make it better with a kiss that washes over you like a cool breeze in the summer and a warm night by the fireplace in the winter?

Teach me the ways of your heart. Show me the depths of your world where no soul has ever ventured before. Accordingly, I promise to take a dip only if you would be so kind as to guide me through it all.

Teach me the ways of your heart. I promise my undying love for you. A love that knows no shame, one that knows no fear. Similarly, a love that doesn’t hold back.

Teach me the ways of your heart. Open your pretty little heart to me. I promise to give it the best of me, all my love without limits.

Bring your walls down for me. If that’s too much to ask, let me scale them myself. I won’t tire.

Teach me the ways of your heart, I promise to learn.


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