Teacher shot dead in Cape Coast

The headmaster of Ansapetu Basic School in the Central Region, Mr Yaw Eyifa Gorman, has been shot and killed at his residence in Cape Coast by unknown assailants.

He was shot on Saturday, May 22 at about 7:30 pm after he returned home from a training programme organised by the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) on the upcoming Population and Housing Census.

Mr Gorman, popularly called Dr Sting, was shot after he had entered his house situated opposite the UCC Medical School hostel.

The assailants did not pick anything from the house.

According to residents, they thought the loud bang was due to firecrackers but shortly afterwards, his wife was heard crying for help.

Neighbours who rushed to the scene found Mr Gorman shot in the head with the body leaning on the steering wheel and blood spilled inside his BMW saloon car with registration number CR 811-W.

The glass at the side door of the driver’s seat was shattered in the process with the residents suggesting that he was shot at point-blank range.

He was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Police in the region has launched an investigation into the incident.

Murder cases involving teachers

Cape Coast is not a hotspot for teacher murders so the incident has sent a shock to residents.

However, there have been several murder cases across the country which have cut the lives of teachers short.

Nungua murder

On Wednesday, February 24, 2021, a teacher of Lekma 2 Basic & Junior High School died after being attacked by his student.

The student mobilised a group to assault the teacher for three lashes he received over failure to execute an assignment.

On Monday, February 22, 2021, the teacher who was newly posted to the school decided to discipline the boy for intentionally failing to do the classwork.

The student returned to the school in a vehicle with a gang of notorious guys from the Nungua Zongo area.

After alighting, the student pointed to the specific teacher who caned him. The gang heavily descended on the teacher and beat him mercilessly.

One person stabbed the teacher’s neck with a dagger. One pregnant teacher and another male tutor who wanted to rescue their colleague were all beaten up.

The other teacher was stabbed in the eyes while the pregnant teacher got badly injured.

Asiakwa Teacher Killed By Sacked Students

George Somuah Bosompem, a 57-year-old teacher of Asiakwa Salvation Army Basic School in the Abuakwa South Municipality of the Eastern Region was killed by students in 2019.

The late Bosompem has narrated to police before his death that on April 25, 2019, around 8 pm, he informed his wife that he was going to pay the money he borrowed from a colleague.

He was attacked by and dragged to one of the classrooms and beaten mercilessly with some broken chairs.

He said the suspects told him he was being punished for what he did to them three years ago over the snails.

The deceased said the suspects also told him he was not the target and that they wanted to attack one OP and Justice who are all teachers in the school.

The late Bosompem said that he shouted for help and the lady co-tenant rushed to inform one of the teachers, who quickly moved to rescue him with other residents.

He added that fortunately, a police patrol team saw them at the scene and managed to arrest one of the suspects, Richard Amaning, 18, alias Konko, who pretended to be helping him to get into a vehicle.

He said that he was able to inform the teacher who came to his rescue that Richard Amaning was part of the assailants but was pretending to be helping.

The deceased, who was severely injured, was rushed to the Kyebi Government Hospital and admitted for three days.

The Kyebi Police took his statement on the hospital bed.

Police later arrested and prosecuted six teenagers for assaulting the teacher leading to his death.

Female Teacher Killed At Ada Foah

A female teacher of the Ada Foah District Assembly (DA) Primary school was shot dead by a mason who claimed that his target was a bird perched on a tree.

The incident occurred on November 15, 2012.

Rebecca Wollor, 35, a Liberian national, and the mason, Ebenezer Pediator, 40, were said to be neighbours and residents of Otrokpe, an Ada Foah suburb.

Rebecca had left home between 6:30 am to 7 am on her way to school when she was gunned down.

Ebenezer shot the teacher in the head near an uncompleted building in the area and later surrendered himself to the police.

Residents said he made up the story to the police when he claimed he had aimed at a bird and not the deceased.

They wondered how he could shoot her in a residential area and claim that he was hunting.

Others alleged that the mason killed the teacher because she had earlier turned down his love proposal.




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