TEAM GHANA – Why we don’t perform?

I have studied the football development pattern in Ghana for the past (20) Twenty 20 years and my conclusion points to shows the same reasons why our political sector is hindering the economic and social development of the people.


Let’s consider the last (3) three leadership management style of the Ghana Football Authority.

The late BEN KOFFIE 2001 to 2003:

He was a purely technical person who will defeat any team as long as he had good administrators around him.

His downfall came as a result of his infamous statement of the inability of the then black stars to win the African cup.

This statement was technically a fact and I supported it and still support it till date.

The issue with that infamous statement is that he forgot himself at the time of making that infamous statement that he was the ADMINISTRATOR at that point and the country needed a solution to that “our inability to win the African cup”.

The people were right in demanding his removal from office because he didn’t appeal to their emotional demand for seeing the black stars win at all cost. The Ghanaian always wants to see the black stars WIN.

In our political office comparison, Ben KOFFIE is just like former president Rawlings metamorphosing into administrator, your guess is as good mine, they have the will to do it but they have no knowledge of practicals in administration.

LESSON LEARNED: Never put a technical person in an administrative position. Square pegs in a round hole.

KWESI NYANTAKYI: 2005 to 7th June 2018. 13 yes in power.

Nyantakyi is an administrator by profession, I will say one of my idols when it comes to football management.

Nyantakyi came to power at the time the Ghanaian was uncompromising in the black stars winning, at the same time the football industry had moved into the commercial stage.

His knowledge in business administration made it easy for him to capture the position as a president of the Ghana Football Authority at the time because giants like Abedi Ayew Pela had been campaigning and urging the Ghanaian to try and qualify for world cup because it was economically beneficial to the country.

Abedi was the first Ghanaian who understood the commercial stage of soccer and the reasons Ghana should take advantage to rake in foreign exchange.

Having this information, KWESI NYANTAKYI took the bull by the horn and qualified Ghana for the first time to the world stage. In fact, he achieved 100% of the mandate given to him by the people.

His downfall came about due to his infamous statement of having the political president in his pocket.

Nyantakyi failed due to (2) two main reasons:
1.( over trading) unnecessary expansion of power.
2. Interference in the technical department decisions.
He could therefore not groom a successor to continue the positive legacy.
In comparing his leadership style to the politician, he is like former President J.A. kuffour.

LESSON LEARNED: Do not cross the old boundary. Football is outside politics.


KURTS is a media man, a journalist by profession, and a lover of football.

Right from winning the election, Kurt’s has shown sign of willing to change the game and how the Ghanaian looks at the game of football, in this regard his relationship with the media and the people have been fantastic.

The football-loving community and as a lover myself, praying hard for a solid team of competent TECHNICAL AND ADMINISTRATION TEAM to help him achieve a higher legacy.

For it is in placing the right persons in the right positions without favour or fear that would move the people, the game, and country forward in its development pattern.

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