TGR gets result: Dr Naami installs wheelchair ramps at Ghanata SHS to aid physically challenged student

Source The Ghana Report

Dr. Augustina Naami, a distinguished senior lecturer and the Head of the Department of Social Work at the University of Ghana Legon has unveiled three wheelchair ramps at the Ghanata Senior High School in Accra.

Dr. Naami’s action of creating a disability-friendly environment at the school follows a report by The Ghana Report titled  “Physically Challenged Student Faces Accessibility Crisis At Ghanata SHS” which highlights the plight of Gabriel Buertey Narh, a form one student living with disability and facing accessibility predicament hindering his mobility and overall educational experience on campus.

According to Gabriel, the existing ramps in the school are not designed to accommodate his needs, making it extremely difficult for him to move freely.

Gabriel Buertey Narh
Gabriel Buertey Narh


The lack of accessibility in the school has significantly impacted his ability to attend classes, interact with peers, and utilize essential facilities.

Moreover, the physically challenged student is crippled with financial challenges as the mother has abandoned her work due to the health condition of the son.

Dr. Naami, a physically challenged person herself upon getting to know about Gabriel’s story in the news initiated the call through the ‘Breaking Barriers Campaign’ for the construction of three wheelchair ramps in the Ghanata SHS.

“My heart sank when I read Gabriel’s story in the news. I faced similar obstacles during my time in secondary school. I had to resort to using bushy areas for essential facilities because of inaccessible infrastructure. Gabriel’s situation struck a chord in me, prompting me to act swiftly”.

The three wheelchair ramps, installed at the school’s General Arts block for easy access to classrooms were inaugurated on Friday, February 16, 2024.

Dr. Naami during the inauguration ceremony appealed to corporate entities, Non-Governmental Organizations(NGOs), and individuals to rally behind the Breaking Barriers Campaign, emphasizing the urgent need to create a barrier-free environment for persons with disabilities in the community.

She underscored that the Breaking Barriers Campaign was instituted in 2020 and began with the design of an accessible, portable, and foldable wheelchair ramp. The campaign gained further momentum in 2022 when she constructed six accessible ramps across five public basic schools in the Ga East Educational Directorate.

Gabriel and the mother expressed their profound gratitude to Dr. Naami for her laudable initiative of providing wheelchair ramps on the campus to make movement easier for Persons With Disabilities(PWDs).

The physically challenged student also conveyed his determination to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer.

Gabriel’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of collective action and compassion. Through initiatives like the Breaking Barriers Campaign, communities can work together to ensure that every individual, regardless of their abilities, has equal access to education and opportunities for a brighter future.

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