The A-List: Here Are The Men Yvonne Nelson Has Had An ‘Encounter’ With 

Source The Ghana Report

Perhaps the most challenging pursuit for a young woman is the search for true love.

Along the way, we encounter various individuals and engage in what we may term “the not-so-serious relationships,” until we ultimately find our match and settle down.

However, the traditional path of finding a life partner, exchanging vows, and embracing marital bliss has become increasingly elusive in today’s world.

What was once considered a natural progression deeply entrenched in cultural and societal expectations now faces a landscape characterised by shifting values, evolving relationship dynamics, and changing priorities.

Within this context, we delve into the captivating love tale of the talented Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson.

Yvonne Nelson, through no fault of hers, has found herself crossing paths with musicians, politicians, traditional rulers, and various other individuals in her pursuit of something greater.

In her newly published book titled “I am not Yvonne Nelson,” the actress offers a compelling account of her journey, detailing her experiences with love, marriage, and encounters with numerous men.

In this article, we gain insight into the individuals she has encountered, the challenges she has faced, and the lessons she has learned along the way.

Aziz (The Junior High School Sweetheart)

One’s first love is often a significant and memorable experience that holds a special place in their heart.

When we encounter our first love, it is as if the world takes on a new hue, shimmering with vibrant colors and captivating possibilities.

It is a time when our hearts beat a little faster, and our thoughts are consumed by the presence of that special person who has ignited a flame within us.

Yvonne is no different, she remembers her first love like it was yesterday. She was then in her second year of Saint Martin de Porres.

“I fell for Aziz, a boy who joined St. Martin de Porres School from Achimota Basic School. Academically, Aziz was the unserious type. I later gathered that he had been sacked from Achimota Basic School for poor academic performance. That information didn’t dent my love for him.

“What he lacked in books was made up for in entertainment. He was a member of the Fugees and we mounted the stage to perform together,” she recounted.

Their love can best be likened to that of Bonnie and Clyde. They shared everything and had the same punishment — either for eating in class or getting whipped at the
assembly for one misbehaviour.

He was eventually sacked from St. Martin de Porres School for poor performance. And that ended the love story.

Fianko Bossman (high school lover)

Yvonne met the young Fianko at Aggrey Memorial. However, he was transferred from Aggrey Memorial at some point.

She shared very little about why he was transferred but she said they continued their teenage love briefly after secondary school and became very good friends afterward.

According to the actress, Fianko has been one of the most helpful people in her life.

Yvonne added that “everybody needs a Fianko Bossman in their lives. He has such a good heart”.


Michael Owusu Addo (Sarkodie)

Yvonne was 25 and Sarkodie was 22. Yvonne describes the relationship as nothing serious. Theirs was not the typical love story.

They were drawn to each other — perhaps because of their love for music and art.

Although they had different paths set for them, the bond or urge was strong enough that the not-so-serious relationship bore a fruit — a baby girl or boy.

Yvonne said despite the fact that Sarkodie was a budding musician with the potential to become one of the biggest artists in Ghana and beyond, he was not ready to be a father.

“At the time, however, the future looked uncertain, and his way through the maze of life still appeared too foggy to predict. Success was not guaranteed. He was still living with his mother and was not ready to carry a burden while he was being carried by his mother,” she recounted.

After one failed attempt and another successful attempt, the child was gone and so was the end of the not-too-serious relationship.

But Yvonne has one regret, she hoped she had kept the baby.

Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk (Iyanya)

Another great musician in the actress’ web. But this time, she cast her net wider — to Nigeria. Their paths crossed during one of Yvonne’s numerous acting trips to Nigeria.

And it was a profound and inexplicable connection forged, defying rational explanation and societal norms. Call it love at first sight.

The duo had a decent relationship — breakfast in bed, a romantic weekend getaway, candlelight dinner and a host of activities for a new couple.

They appeared to be living the dream. At this point, Yvonne was convinced he was the one. Her Forever.

“He tattooed my initials, YN, on his wrist, and I thought that was a big deal. If he wasn’t serious about me, he wouldn’t do that,” she said.

But the bliss faded, and cheating allegations came knocking at the doorsteps of the young couple.

In her book, Yvonne named Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh, as the reason for the breakup.

Jamie Roberts (The UK love)

After two major fails at a serious relationship, Yvonne left Ghana and Nigeria and sought love in the United Kingdom.

According to Yvonne, Jamie Roberts had the markings of a perfect partner and doting father.

The British photographer followed her keenly on social media because his wife was also a fan of Yvonne Nelson. Eventually, he reached out to her on social media.

However, their love only started a year after the photographer’s marriage came to a halt.

“Their marriage had hit a destructive iceberg and gone cold in broken pieces. He opened up to me and told me a lot about the woman. From how he went on and on about his ex-wife anytime we spoke, I got the impression he hadn’t gotten over her. Months passed and we spoke casually.

“We got closer as friends, regularly messaging and calling each other. I told him I would visit anytime I was in London, but he made it easier by proposing to travel to Ghana to
see me. He came over. I realised he was very nice. He quickly settled into the Ghanaian environment as if he had lived here all his life,” she indicated.

If all had gone well, Yvonne would have been his third wife. But the relationship ended quickly and painfully.

She was however blessed with a beautiful daughter, Ryn. Jamie is still very much present in her life. Yvonne describes him as one of the most caring fathers.

The impact of the breakup affected her greatly and she now prefers a partnership over marriage.

Joel Duncan-Williams

From Yvonne’s love escapades, we can conclude that she is naturally drawn to talents and generally people in the entertainment industry.

It is therefore surprising that the son of the founder and leader of the Action Faith Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, will be acquainted with Yvonne.

Joel confessed to falling in love with the budding actress. This was in 2009.

According to the actress, the days and weeks that followed proved he was not joking. He would buy lunch and visit her on set.

But their friendship ended abruptly when he revealed a weird proposition.

“He paid me a visit one evening with the usual princely entourage that I had only seen in movies of non-state officials. When the howling of his motorcade’s siren had adequately announced to the neighbourhood that my household had received an important somebody, he came in and announced his plans.

“He said, before the marriage would proceed, I had to go to his father to be prayed for. The purpose of that prayer was to ensure that whatever demons or evil spirits were present in me or my family line would be cast out. In my head, I asked whether he didn’t think my mother also needed to pray to cast out any potential bad spirits in him,” she revealed.

Although the search for love can be both exhilarating and challenging, Yvonne says her encounter with men generally hasn’t been all negative.

She mentions the likes of Samuel Afari Dartey, whom she met after Miss Ghana, and Majid Michel and John Dumelo who supported her in various ways.

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