The man who promised to donate testicle if Donald Trump is impeached

Source The Ghana Report/Aba Asamoah

Jey Saladino, a twitter user, who promised to donate his testicle for medical research should the United States House of Representatives succeed in getting President Donald Trump impeach, has fulfilled his promise.

Joey, on September 24, 2019, tweeted that he will donate his left testicle to medical research and asked followers and all who come across the tweet to keep record of it.

“If Trump gets impeached, I will donate my left testicle to medical research. You can quote me on this” he tweeted to demonstrate his confidence in Democrat’s inability to substantiate their threats.

Trump was on Wednesday impeach on both articles of impeachment.

The first charge is an abuse of power, stemming from Mr Trump’s alleged attempt to pressure Ukraine to announce investigations into his Democratic political rival, Joe Biden.

The second charge is obstruction of Congress because the president allegedly refused to co-operate with the impeachment inquiry, withholding documentary evidence and barring his key aides from giving evidence.

Despite the verdict, Donald Trump still remains President as his fate, whether or not he will remain in office, will be determined by Republican-controlled Senate, after a trial is conducted.

In fulfillment of the promise, following the successful impeachment of Trump, Joey Saladino shared a picture of himself on a hospital bed suggesting he was undergoing the process to remove the testicle.

In addition, he shared a letter from a body known as the National Testicle Association acknowledging Joey Saladino’s ‘generous donation’.

The Association said, “His Left Testicle will be dissected for a study on how to treat erectile dysfunction. We can’t thank Joey enough so he will receive a tax reduction for his charitable contribution.”

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