The shifting moods of Trump

When jurors answer questions about themselves and their personal lives, Donald Trump either follows along with the questionnaire or leans back in his seat, looking, frankly, a bit bored.

But as the potential alternate jurors start to discuss how they feel about Trump, his posture changes.

He physically turns in his seat to face them, and leans forward as he listens.

New Yorkers share range of opinions about him.

One woman says “I’m not even sure what Trump’s policies are,” but that she does not like the “negative” actions she believes he inspires in his base.

Another says he just sees Trump as a person, much like himself.

A man who immigrated to the US from a Scandinavian country says he likes low taxes and policies that support the tech industry, which he believes Trump supports.

But he does not like Trump’s affiliation with the Republican party, which he says limits women’s rights and is too focused on religion.

Another man says that growing up in the region, Trump Tower was a “positive” symbol for him, but now felt his “rhetoric” was harmful. He said his opinion was “negative”.

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