The worsening plight of retired actors should be a cue to pay them better – Film producer

Source The Ghana Report

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Farmhouse Productions, Ivan Quashigah, says actors and actresses in the country deserve to be paid very well considering their efforts in entertaining and educating the masses.

According to the filmmaker, the worsening plight of retired actors makes it pertinent to divulge creative ways to raise revenue to pay actors/actresses very well.

Mr. Quashigah asserted that filmmakers can use innovation to generate revenue to pay actors as well as crew members very well, especially with the availability of digital film distribution platforms which offer opportunities to maximize revenue.

“We need to work towards paying our actors/actresses well. In this modern era, there are numerous distribution platforms to show your movies and get profitable returns, unlike the past where distribution was limited to a few making it difficult for filmmakers to break even and actors suffer the consequence.

“So, by exploring this new distribution platform it offers filmmakers the opportunity to maximize returns and pay actors very well because they deserve it,” he said.

Speaking about season two of ‘Stryke’, Mr. Quashigah said his outfit always creates content that would resonate with the youth and was keen on advising them about how to make good use of their time.

He noted that season one of ‘Stryke’ had received a massive commendation from movie lovers around the world, which therefore triggered the need to do a season that would produce more thrills.

He said this at the launch of season two of the ‘Stryke’ serial drama which would start showing on the Farmhouse Movie App on Friday, November 26, 2021.

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