Togo records first coronavirus case

Togolese authorities have confirmed one case of coronavirus infection, a statement has said.

The patient, a 42-year-old woman, made a whirlwind visit from three European countries – France, Germany and Turkey – where infection cases have become more rampant.

The visits happened in late February and early March and also included Benin before the woman returned to the capital, Lome.

But urging the public not to panic, authorities said they had been preparing for such a situation.

The statement said the ‘stable’ woman had been quarantined in Lome while other people who had come into contact with her had also been quarantined.

Togo becomes the eighth African country to record a case of coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia, South Africa and Cameroon have recorded deadly infections, albeit single digit cases.

There have been no fatalities in Africa as the epidemic grounds to a halt, with public activity across Europe and Asia.

Health experts are still trying to understand how Africa has been largely spared the blushes of a viral disease that has killed more than 3,000 globally.

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  1. David Woedem says

    God should have mercy on us here in Africa

  2. Anonymous says

    God knows we don’t have such money and facilities to treat ourselves if such deadly coronavirus should take over us
    God please continue protecting us from all evil

  3. Anonymous says

    Is the affected woman an African Togolese???

  4. Nicholas Aboagye says

    Good protect you always

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