TV3 Political Editor laid to rest, tributes pour

Edward Kwabi, TV3’s political Editor passed away on March 2, this year and was laid to rest on Saturday. Below is a collection of tributes from his peers …

Private burial arrangements for late TV3 Political Desk Editor announced

My consultant is gone

Esther Fynn Barnor

Wow! Eddie …I never thought I will be writing a tribute about any of my friends, especially you. So radiant, so full of life. This is sad, and it hurts so bad.

I was happy to be your classmate, such an intelligent guy. Your vibrancy on the class page made people laugh and learn. When tempers flare, you always have a funny way of putting off the flames.

I got to experience you during our life after school. In my work, you were always there for me. I was mostly giving you pressure for reporters and for slots to host resource persons from my office for public education. You never saw it as a bother. You were always willing to help.

You were full of life on our class page, always providing us with the mobile numbers of personalities we needed. You were mostly known for your famous “Baobab Tree” asking the ladies, especially me to meet you there. A member once posted that life was too short, and you commented saying, “Esther should know this by now.” Eddie, I know, but I didn’t know it was short to the extent that you will leave us this soon.

I remember as at the latter part of last year, I asked for reporters for a few assignments and you told me you were on leave, but you will make sure they come, little did I know that you were not well. I asked for slots for some resource persons and you arranged that for me while you were home …little did I know that you were not well.

I wanted a place to rent and you offered to help me check out some sites….little did I know that you were not well…This year, I asked for a reporter for the first assignment in the yea,r and asked you for slots for the celebration of Health days this year,….little did I know that you were not well.

Your last comment on our class page was your wishes for me on my birthday…little did I know it would be your last wishes for me and a friendship that bloomed beyond our classrooms in GIJ.

When I wanted to do my Masters programme, you guided me as to what the school expected and even guided me to fill the column where I was asked to justify why I wanted to do the programme. I completed the programme and you were not there to share in my joy.

Someone said it’s unfortunate you died. As a human, as we are, that is what we may think, but the lives you have touched and the smiles you have put on our faces makes us know that you have probably accomplished the task by your maker and thus have gone to be with Him.

I think of you and I am filled with smiles and happy thought of the jovial way you went about things.

Any time, you covered assignments in my office, or passed by with Daniel, you made us take pictures and videos for our class page. These are the fond memories I have of you, and I will indeed cherish them.

I asked you to send a picture of Daniel to me to post on my status and you asked whether I have celebrated you before, and I said yes. But I realised I hadn’t really done that. A big shame on me… Although I admired you, and held you in high esteem, I couldn’t celebrate you when you were alive and this really makes my heart bleed.

I miss you, dear friend. Sleep well. This is not a goodbye, this is; we will meet again, one day. Wherever you may be, know that I am proud and grateful to have had you as a friend and a classmate.


I’ve lost a brother

Matilda Nana Takyi-Prah

I never thought Eddy will become a very close friend to me, like a brother,  because we were always fighting on our school platform.

He became so close that he could tell me his personal problems, for he saw me as a big sister

Eddy was a telephone directory for all of us on the platform.

I remember somewhere close to the third quarter of last year, I texted a friend asking whether he knew any big man in the Food and Drug Authority, till date that friend hasn’t responded. After about 20 minutes of sending that message, Eddy came to mind, so, I asked him under the ‘Baobab Tree’ (in private)  and in just some seconds Eddy called,  and said sister call Mr Lartey, the Public Relations Officer, now! I’ve spoken to him and he says you should come to his office now’”.

Afterwards, I was always on Eddy’s neck, Eddy have you spoken to Mr Lartey, then he’ll respond and if he had not, he wouldn’t even mind me. Then I’ll go to our platform to leave a strong warning for him, within a few minutes, Eddy will surely meet me under the Baobab Tree.

Within a month, and with Eddy’s help, I had my FDA number. He promised to come home for us to talk, and after weeks,  Eddy came home. I was happy seeing him; we screamed, shouted a lot, and he was happy to see my home which he always referred to as a ‘mansion’

I offered Eddy something to eat, but he insisted he was on a diet. I was shocked for he never rejects food from me. I held his hand and we went to my bedroom, sat on the bed and he told me “the whole story” of his struggles. From then, we began to pray together. That moment brought us even more closer like siblings because he realised, I cared about him.

Eddy, Eddy, Eddy, you didn’t treat me well at all. Even though I knew somethings, you efused to tell me all things.

I’ve missed you already.

I love you and will be always grateful to you for the bond we shared.

I promise to make you happy wherever you’ll be.

I promise to show you that kindness you showed me to your kids.

Eddy, you thought me one song and will always sing to remember you. (Adom ne ehunbobro na Eni me ab3dru ha nd3 yi)

Love you bro, you’re always on my mind

Damirfa due

Eddy due ne amamehunu




The traitor, death, came for my brother

Umaru Sanda Amadu

Our close friends can testify to how we often appear and behave unserious until we come up with the greatest idea you can imagine.

Sometimes, it’s only because we are believers. That’s the only thing that restrains us from asking the creator why he chooses to recall some of his creations at the time he does because this one certainly seems premature to an unbeliever’s mind.

The traitor, death, came for my brother

On the night of Monday, March 2 night, and it’s the most devastating news I’ve heard in a long time. I was broken the whole of Tuesday, and chose to stay shut. But then, Eddie is the type of guy who would want me to fool or goof around even in his death and I take solace in that.

Since I met him as my vice when I was president of the students’ chapter of the Ghana Journalists Association at the Ghana Institute of Journalism in 2009, Eddie did not only become my brother and guide, but also my confidant whom I even called my “Better Half”.

He’s smart, hardworking, innovative and determined. I owe lots of the successes of my administration to his brain. Because of Eddie, we secured an unbelievable package with TV3 to send GIJ students on internship every weekend in the newsroom. Some of those interns still work with TV3 and I know they’ll come to give him the credit.

Like I said, when the two of us meet, it’s never a serious affair but it produces serious work. My wife, and his wife can attest to this. Oh lord! The plans we had. The vision. All of it. Just dead! Eddie’s death was one of the only moments in life I wished for fake news. But alas, he’s gone. Just like that. Without warning.

Today, I want you to help me celebrate a happy spirit who fooled and laughed his way to Death’s dining hall. TV3 has lost a news leader. Ghana’s journalism has lost a brilliant mind. And I have lost a brother, a stress reliever and a partner in lots more than crime.

Eddie, I will miss us. I’ll miss our pointless arguments on and off social media. I’ll have no one to call in the morning and just say, “Fool, how are you doing” and to get the response, “Fool, going to school with dirty kamboo”. God knows this wasn’t the plan and I’ll miss you dearly, my brother.

Mary, I feel your pain and your loss. But let me reiterate, that Eddie left behind brothers and sisters and I’m proud to say I’m one of them. You and the beautiful girls shall know peace, even as Eddie rests in peace

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Shame on you death

Seth J. Bokpe

Woow! So it is all over, at least here on earth, Eddy. I can’t call you to harass you again about phone numbers. I can’t harass you again about writing a book on all the years you spent at the presidency.

After today, the earth will swallow you. Your memories will become distant, unless during your memorial thanksgivings. Death, you’re cruel. You’re heartless. You took away a friend with such a calming effect. Now who will calm the waters whenever I take on Kojo Odei Asiedu, aka CJ, for being politically too bias in his utterances on our class platform.

When I heard the news of your death from a colleague on March 3, I didn’t believe it, I thought she got it wrong. I immediately called your number. Your wife responded and confirmed that it was indeed true. You were gone. Her faint voice and the sobbing in the background made my headache. What a blow!

I remember when you had that accident in 2015 and subsequently exited the Presidency, I kept telling you to write a book because it will be your legacy not only as a presidential correspondent, but also as a source of encouragement for others to do same. You spoke of the pain in your leg because of the metal inserted into it after the accident, I always insisted, it should be the catalysts to push you to write. You promised to do it, if only I’ll edit and work on the manuscript for publishing. That shouldn’t be a problem, I always responded. It became the banter anytime I called and wanted a phone number of persons I struggle to get. You always came through.

In January, I called for a phone and we went through the routine again. This time, you were emphatic that you’ll write, but you were resting now because you were not well. Little did I know that conversation will be our last  about the book that never was. Our last chat it was…

I pray for strength for your widow and God’s protection for your young family.

Rest well bro. Adieu brother!!!


Eddie  Kwabie – A friend to remember, a brother to miss
Henking Adjase-Kodjo
There is something disorderly about the death of a young person. In a universe disturbed by so much over which we have no control, an untimely tragedy – such as the passing of 32-year-old Eddie Kwabi – rattles the teeth of our already shaken confidence. (Faye Moskowtiz’s quote rephrased)
It is the morning of the second day of May, twenty twenty; Edward Kwabi should be lying within the confines of his narrow wooden bed by now, ready to make his last public appearance before taking that eventual stroll into a new life in eternity. I find myself trapped in my room, reflecting on Eddie’s passing and wondering what to say. The season in which we are has also robbed us of the opportunity to even congregate as friends and see him off.
The mere mortals that we are, some are wont to think and classify this call and the physical loss of such a gem as too sudden but ‘His thoughts are not our thought, neither are His ways our ways’.
Eddie and I were in GIJ together at a point, we were not tight friends while on campus though; he had his circle of friends, and I had mine. We rather became closer after leaving school and that must be because we ended up on the same alumni page where ‘boys and girls’ mingled, had fun, reflected on life on campus and peeped into the future hand-in-hand with so much confidence and hope.
From school, I drifted into Public Relations practice while Eddie landed and remained in mainstream journalism. He excelled and was fast rising when the uncertainties in life swung in his direction, bundled him off and truncated that promising career.
You know how important media and media contacts are to PR practice right? He made my PR work easier. He was just a phone call away. He could book and block interview slots for you at the snap of your fingers; he could arrange media coverage for you with cheeky ease without subjecting you the hassle that came with upfront payment. He was a walking phone directory. He put his links and expertise at the disposal of his friends. I am a grateful beneficiary of Eddie’s near-perfect human relations and friendship.
Eddie dressed and carried himself like a real gentleman and oh, he kept our alumni page alive, sometimes, he literally set it ablaze with his sense of humour, refined and light-hearted jokes. Alphonse de Lamartini’s said – “sometimes when one person is absent, the whole world seems depopulated’, I think I am making more sense of this expression now.
It was Marcus Tullius Cicero who also said, ‘the life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living’. Death thinks it can take you away from us, but it doesn’t know that you will always live in our memory. Brother, God has you in his arm, we have you in our hearts and minds.
Father in thy gracious keeping leave we now thy servant sleeping



Your demise has hit me so hard

Michael Oti

I am not surprised it took me more than a day (24 hours) to write a tribute of less than 700 words. It is definitely because your demise has hit me so hard that I can’t bring myself to share our memories this way.
Eddie, I don’t remember exactly how we became friends but all I know is you were my friend. Our GIJ mates will attest to the fact that we were inseparable.
We made a lot of memories; who will I engage in rap battles and proverb challenge (wo bu b3 aa menso me te b3)? Your passing has taught me that our lives are fleeting. Yesterday we were young men rapping along the British High Commission road. Today I’m saying farewell. Yesterday we were doing group assignments in broadcast journalism, today I’m writing a tribute for you. It was our prayer that God makes us blow but he knew better. I pray God grants you eternal rest. Alhaji Cardiff and I say journey well for you lived well.



My heart is wounded

Alhaji Cardiff 

Life is a gift, not a given.
One Day we will go to sleep and not wake up again.
The path of life is strewn with trapdoors.
Everyday is a miracle.

Oh! Eddy, it’s sad to see you laid to rest today. My heart is wounded because I never dreamt that a day like this will come. Today has thrown my mind back to our days at GIJ. You were such a generous friend. I will always remember you for your sense of humour. Any time I was sad and called you, you will find several ways to make me happy. You were such a great friend. You have left a huge vacuum in my life…  I’m so so sad. You were the vice president of Cardiff students’ association, #GIJ chapter of which I’m the president.. Now that you are gone, who is going to replace you? You came out with our new names- Ghana police guy guy, Tv3 guy guy and Metro TV guy guy.. Although you lived a very short life, you were a blessing to a lot of people who got to know you.
May the Good Lord grant you peaceful rest til the final day of judgment when we shall all converge…

Eddy always made an impression

Victor Kofi Owusu-Ansah

I knew Eddy since diploma. I was I was in the morning and he was in the evening class. Although he came to serve as deputy to one of the closest friends at the GJA Students’ Chapter, we were still not closely acquainted, until we ventured into our professional lives after school, and also did our degree together. We reported from Parliament and the Presidency around the same time for our stations. So he was naturally my go-to-guy whenever I missed a session in the house or an event at the presidency. In an environment where some were likely to see you as competition, he showed extreme selflessness in his sharing visuals from the assignments that I missed quite often for “logistical” reasons. He was also very opinionated and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind, and I always enjoyed our friendly banter on our WhatsApp group page, even when we disagreed on the issues. Eddy always made an impression even when he didn’t mean to. He had that sort of presence, and for that, he will be sorely missed, neither will he be forgotten.



A “Baobab Tree” has fallen

Michael Danso

Gone is the man we loved so dear,
Silent the voice we loved to hear,
No doubt the Eddie who was here was so dear.
You’re too far away for sight or speech,
But not too far for thought to reach.
On the face of the earth, you’re gone,
But in the depth of our hearts, you linger on.
I wasn’t a close friend, but always benefited from your kind heart on the flip side.
I admired you from far. Your senses of fashion, humour and tenacity of purpose were just phenomenal.
Today, a “Baobab Tree” has fallen, but thanks to God its roots are not rotten.
Rest well in the Bosom of the Lord Akuapem brother.



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    It’s so sad but God knows well

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