Uncle Ebo Whyte explains why the ‘cocky guy’ gets the girl

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Have you ever been told, “You’re are a really nice guy, but I only like you as a friend?” Probably from a woman who you would do just about anything and everything for, only to turn around and watch her date (or even chase) a guy who treats her like she’s nothing special?

Well, you better brace yourself because I’m going to tell you a couple of secrets that you might not want to hear.

Nice, sometimes equates with boring and predictable.

Average, not exciting and definitely not sexy! Mr Nice Guy, you cannot bore a woman into feeling attracted to you and as obvious as that sounds, that may be exactly what you’re trying to do.
And it won’t work.


Why does Mr Nice guy not get the girl? 
He shows that he cares too much too soon! He’s too available, too eager to please, too accommodating and gives too much without getting anything in return.

By doing so he appears desperate, insecure and needy of this woman’s attention, affection and approval.
Listen, once you need something or show that you want something badly, you forfeit your strength and lose all power of negotiation.

You are in a position of weakness and you are perceived as weak. Someone(or something) else is in control of you, the situation, and its outcome.


And why does the ‘cocky’ guy get the girl?” He is perceived as being a stronger, more confident guy with more value. Because he never invests everything (his entire being, ego, and self-worth) in what one woman’s response or reaction to him is.

He doesn’t gush with compliments; he isn’t always available; he doesn’t give too much, and he knows he isn’t going to die if a woman says “no” to him.

More, his attitude is: “yeah, I’d like to go out with you but if I can’t that’s okay – I’m a busy guy, with exciting things going on, and lots of other options”.


Things that we easily acquire or maintain without any effort or sacrifice, we don’t attach value to… it’s human nature.

Mr Nice guy, hold back a little.
Happy month of love!

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