University of Ghana revises its plagiarism policy to clamp down on AI usage in academic work

The University of Ghana has revised its academic integrity framework, particularly in its approach to plagiarism.

According to a notice issued and signed today (February 26, 2024) by the registrar, Emelia Agyei Mensah, the University Council and the Academic Board, it is part of a series of crucial updates with the primary focus on combating plagiarism and other forms of academic misconduct.

The revised policy was approved following recommendations by the Business and Executive Committee, underscoring the institution’s steadfast dedication to maintaining the utmost integrity and ethics in academic pursuits.

The policy, renamed, “Policy on Plagiarism and Other Academic Misconduct,” delineates clear definitions of academic misconduct while outlining measures aimed at prevention and appropriate sanctions.

The updated policy notably includes the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in academic research and work.

“Any employment of AI or associated technologies that compromises the authenticity of academic output will be deemed unacceptable,” the document stated.

The University stresses originality in scholarly work, addressing AI’s role in academic integrity.

The policy update underscores a commitment to ethical academic practices, leveraging technology while upholding original thought.

The new document, however, is yet to be made public.

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