(Video) Joe Ghartey’s Reason For Accepting Just A Bible And Ring From The Man Who Married His Daughter

Contrary to demands by families for expensive bride prices, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Essikado-Ketan, Joe Ghartey, accepted just a ring and a bible from a man who asked for her daughter’s hand in marriage.

During the wedding ceremony of his daughter, Ewurama Ghartey, the former Attorney-General said his wife’s family did not request a tall list of items before he got married, so he decided to do the same.

In the wedding video posted on his Facebook page, he said, “Ewurama, God bless you. Your husband’s family brought the ring and Bible. When I went for your mother’s hand in marriage, I also took just a ring and Bible to the family” he explained.

This was after guests at the ceremony expressed surprise about his actions. In most Ghanaian communities, the bride’s family demand items such as jewellery, cloth and huge sums of money.

But this was not the case over the weekend as Mr Ghartey was content with the modest gift from his son-in-law.

When it was time for advice, Mr Gartey admonished the young couple to decide whether they would continue with this tradition or take their own path when it comes to their unborn children.

“If you so wish, when you and your husband have children, you can take up this tradition. I might be dead and gone by that time, but it will be proper to do so. I can’t force you both. You are on this journey together,” the politician told the couple.

He added that he didn’t see any sense in mounting undue pressure on the young couple and that the success and longevity of their union mattered to him more than the expensive bride price.

The spokesperson for the groom’s family also responded that it was a privilege for them to have built ties with the family of the politician who has chosen to go contrary to the regular marriage traditions to ease the burden of having an expensive wedding for the young couple.

“When he came to see our father Joe Ghartey for his daughter’s hand in marriage, we had one of the most interesting conversations.

He said that the couple had just begun life and didn’t want to burden them and, as part of his wishes, only requested a ring that would symbolize that this woman is married and a bible that would serve as a guide in time of trouble,” the spokesperson said.

The representative of the groom’s family also stated that the politician made it clear to the groom’s family that he would reject any other extra package aside from the ring and bible he requested.

“For the love we have for the woman, we went according to the request. If you see us here today, we have come with the items for her hand in marriage,” the spokesperson for the groom’s family added in the video.

The tradition of demanding a huge bride price makes it difficult for young men to get married properly. As a result, many of these young couples choose cohabitation over marriage.


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