We shouldn’t wait until its too late – Blakk Rasta advocates for support for Okomfour Kwadee

Blakk Rasta, a prominent broadcaster and musician, has called upon industry stakeholders, including the government, to step in and provide assistance to musician, Okomfour Kwadee.

Expressing concern for Kwadee’s well-being, Rasta emphasized that the music legend deserves a chance to stage a comeback in the music industry.

His plea comes in the wake of a viral video showing Kwadee performing in his hometown, appearing unkempt and performing off-key to a crowd.

Blakk Rasta acknowledged that Kwadee has previously sought rehabilitation but stressed that he now requires financial support to rebuild his life.

The radio presenter reminisced about Kwadee’s vibrant performances in the past, highlighting his talent and contribution to the music scene.

Meanwhile, he expressed disappointment at the current state of affairs and urged the music community not to overlook Kwadee’s plight.

Describing Kwadee as a legend, Blakk Rasta urged people to intervene and support him during his time of need, rather than waiting for his demise to lavish him with posthumous honours.

He emphasized the importance of addressing Kwadee’s health issues promptly, asserting that no effort should be spared to help him recover.

Blakk Rasta’s impassioned plea for assistance for Okomfour Kwadee was made during an appearance on Adom TV’s Showtym with Andy Dosty over the weekend.


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