We’re Not Demons– Nogokpo Shrine Cries Out

The Nogokpo Shrine in the Volta Region has refuted the tag that they are demons.

According to the shrine, ‘’We are all worshiping what our ancestors left for us. Who can tell us exactly the date Jesus died? They will give you an approximation’’.

The Shrine in a series of posts on its Facebook page explained that ‘’So therefore it’s also called forefathers legacy. The only thing different from theirs is ours has nothing to do with a book from the beginning. Our children have been brainwashed to only read history through English, French, and so on. That’s their letters. If you want history from the legacies our forefathers left for us, you must come closer to the people who feel it and practice it. DON’T BE DECEIVED!
We are not demons!!’’.

The shrine’s reaction follows the comments made by the Founder of Perez Chapel International, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare that ‘Nogokpo is the demonic headquarters in the Volta Region’’.

Even though Archbishop Charles Agyinasare has reacted to his comments by saying he meant no malice to the statement he made against Voltarians after receiving a heavy public bashing.

Nogokpo is considered by many to be the quickest results-oriented shrine in Ghana which is patronized both by locals and non-natives to seek answers of whatever kind either their destiny or revenge.

Sometimes people jokingly use the name to frighten people but it is believed such acts can anger the gods.

The Shrine explained that Accra to Aflao is part of ECOWAS roads that link the whole West African countries.

According to the shrine ‘’In a day, thousands of cars and cargo pass here in and out of Ghana. Checking the Ghana Police MTTD road accident statistics, Nogokpo has the least records. The records are there for us to check. Same way when you check Ghana’s birth and death registers, our death records are the least too. With this information which is publicly known, what actually makes Nogokpo the most demonic town in Ghana?.
‘’Do we want to say anywhere a car tyre burst on a particular journey is demonic?

These are many facts we think you should be telling your followers. We are even surprised by the sons and daughters from Nogokpo who are your members yet they will applaud you for this low-minded teaching or testimony you called it’’.

The Shrine further added ‘’For the records, if you are not faking this story and you truly know Nogokpo is demonic per your faith, the whole community of Nogokpo awaits you to prove us wrong to your members and the world. Your members must hold you to your testimony and faith, “as you always prove to them”. We are allowing you to come and take that demonic spirit from our town’’.

‘’There are many citizens of Nogokpo in your church there in Accra and many other branches. You take money from these poor people yet you live in luxury and they live in poverty till now. Tell us where should be called demonic. Isn’t your church? Since Nogokpo is demonic and takes tyres out under cars, you can construct another road to Aflao to save your members from going to Togo and Nigeria’’ the Shrine fights back.

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